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PCA Feature Story

Volume 5, No. 7 - October 2010

Little League World Series Coaches, Players Were Ready for Prime Time

By David Jacobson, Positive Coaching Alliance

In some circles, televising the Little League World Series raises protests over the “professionalization” of youth sports. But the final weekend of this year’s games bore little resemblance to pro sports.

The Little League World Series games actually set an example we wish Major League Baseball could emulate. The “mic'd up” managers were paragons of positivity whether questioning calls (as allowed under the Little League World Series replay rules) or using the Little League Double-Goal Coaching® technique of Filling Emotional Tanks of struggling pitchers during mound visits.

And, while some people fretted over the pressurized atmosphere of televised youth sports, the players all seemed to be having a lot of fun. When we shared that view on PCA’s Youth Sports Spotlight blog (www.positivecoach.org/blog.aspx), our readers responded with resounding support. Here are some excerpts:

I agree 100% that the mic'd managers added so much to the experience and demonstrated how and why they and their teams were able to rise to the occasion… Also, you had the chance to reflect on whether or not their words helped them to achieve the results they were after: to rally their teams or help them through maybe the most difficult moment of their young lives.
--Jim Nemerovski, San Francisco

College and pro sports could stand to learn a thing or two from Little League International. I also enjoyed the “mic'd” managers, hearing the gentle and positive words of encouragement they gave to their players. I also found it profoundly respectful to listen to the Japanese manager, who had countless past trips to Williamsport, talking to his players, who only answered “Hai!” (Yes) to every one of his pitcher’s mound pep talk statements.
--Phil Albert, El Dorado Hills, CA

Congratulations on a great show, Little League!

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