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Feature Story

Volume 5, No. 5 - June 2010

Little League Baseball Camp Tip

By Scott Grove, Camp Director

Philosophy: There is a lot of discussion concerning the development of throwing arms of today’s players. Pitch counts have been established in the Little League program to help lessen the risk of over-use injuries.  The goal of our pitching drills section is to help coaches develop proper throwing mechanics and to improve arm strength.

Stretching/Warm-up/Resistance Training

  • Start practice and pre-game sessions with a light run to get blood flowing
  • Follow proper stretching procedures
  • Arm conditioning via arm circles – good warm-up activity
  • Practice – conduct more of the resistance training drills
  • Pre-game – use specific drills designed to loosen up the arm/shoulder
  • Begin any and all throwing only after the arm is properly warm-up/stretched
  • Use long toss with the thrower stepping behind the lead leg to keep the shoulders closed to develop arm strength

Drill #9 – Backwards Progression - Box Drill

  • Partners are 25-to-30 feet apart
  • For players who are having trouble with the balance point
  • Box is placed under the lead leg to help lift the leg to the balance point
  • Box should be placed slightly behind the lead leg to “show the pocket” to the hitter
  • Thrower lifts the lead leg off the box and continues with the delivery of the ball to the partner
  • Correct throwing mechanics must be emphasized
  • As the lead leg is lifted off the box the hands should raise slightly
  • As the knee moves down and out in the stride the hands should move down the center of the throwers body and separate to the launch
  • Pivot leg will come up and over the box on the delivery to enhance the follow through
  • Thrower will take the chest to the glove after turning the shoulders to deliver the pitch
  • Throw should be made to a two-hand target (concentrate on throwing strikes)
  • Make sure the pitcher keeps the pivot foot square to the rubber

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