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Coach's Box - June

Volume 5, No. 5 - June 2010

June Softball Drills

Sara Thompson

Softball pitching drills to increase speed.

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Little League "Double Goal" Coach Course

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Little League Baseball Camp Tip

By Scott Grove, Camp Director

Pitch counts have been established in the Little League program to help lessen the risk of over-use injuries.  The goal of our pitching drills section is to help coaches develop proper throwing mechanics and to improve arm strength.

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Menlo-Atherton Little League Wins Positive Coaching Alliance’s National Honoring the Game Award

By David Jacobson, Positive Coaching Alliance

For its outstanding work in creating a positive environment for youth athletes, Menlo-Atherton Little League has earned Positive Coaching Alliance’s coveted Honoring the Game Award.

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Teaching Youngsters How to be Good Sports

By Darrell J. Burnett, Ph.D

We’re living in an age where the preservation of traditional values can no longer be taken for granted. It seems we need to have reminders (books, movies, magazine articles, newspaper articles, internet blogs, etc) to maintain our awareness of the importance of preserving the basic human values that are essential to the survival of a community.

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A Pitching Strategy for Successful Outings

By Michele Smith, Olympic Softball Champion

Pitching is one of the most important parts of the game of fastpitch. We all know that. But when it comes to the “strategy of our pitching game” how much do we really know about how “easy” or “hard” we can make the game on ourselves as pitchers? Let’s face it when you see a pitcher walking batters, hitting batters and falling behind in the count, you know she is hurting herself. She is making her job much harder on herself.

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Practice and Pre-game

By Jamie Joy, Manager of Operations

Baseball is a great game! When you get to the field the players head out to the field to loosen up. They usually stretch and then begin to warm up. Now even though this is done every day before practice and games it is a vital part of a player’s development. This is where they can develop bad habits, but it is also where they can hone their skills.

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Stump The Ump

By Little League Operations Department

1.Situation – No outs…runner on second. The batter fouls a pitch into the stands. The umpire throws a new ball to the pitcher who is standing behind the mound. As the pitcher is rubbing the new ball between his/her bare hands…the runner attempts to steal third but is thrown out. DOES THIS OUT STAND?

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