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Softball Drill

Volume 5, No. 6 - July 2010

Softball Pitching Drills to Increase Speed

By Sara Thompson, Softball Manager

Distance Pitching
After the pitcher is completely warmed-up, have her take 2-to-3 steps back after every five pitches, throwing from a longer distance each time. Have the pitcher work her way back 10-to-15 feet (or less for younger players) and throw 15-to-20 pitches and then start moving forward two-to-three steps every five pitches. When back on the rubber, throw 15-to-20 consecutive full-speed fastballs or drops. This drill helps your pitchers build strength. It is OK for the ball to arc some the further back the player stands. Be careful the players don’t try to overthrow the ball.

Photo Courtesy of Michael Winter

"Run-Up / Walk-Through" Pitch
The speed of the pitcher’s stride leg can determine the pitcher’s speed. Have the pitcher start five to six feet behind the pitcher’s plate and use a three-step approach. If she is right-handed, she will begin with her right foot. The second step is with the left foot and third step should land on the front edge of the rubber where the pitcher will begin her arm swing and delivery. After releasing the ball, allow the pitcher’s momentum to continue towards the catcher. Eventually the pitcher will be able to increase the speed of her approach by “running” to the pitcher’s plate. In theory, the faster the pitcher drives forward with the stride foot, the faster she will pitch. Some college players use this method to help warm-up during the start of an inning.

Photo Courtesy of Michael Winter

Please email Sara Thompson at sthompson@LittleLeague.org with any topics you would like to see covered in upcoming Coach’s Box articles.

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