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Camp Drills

Volume 5, No. 1 - January 2010

Little League Baseball Camp Batting Tips

By Scott Grove, Little League Baseball Camp

Little League Baseball Camp is a wonderful experience for children of all skill levels. This month we are focusing on hitting and the use of a batting tee.

Two skills are provided below along with pictures to help assist you with understanding the drills. To become a proficient and successful hitter one must learn how to hit off of a tee.

Batting Tee Drills:

One Knee Tee Drill

  • Hitter rests on back knee with the front leg bent in a position where the ball can be hit off the tee
  • Front hip is pulled out and the shoulders are turned back to create separation (torque)
  • Hitter is concentrating on upper body mechanics in the swing
  • Tuck/Turn to get the bat into the swing plane
  • Swing “the handle of the bat” to create maximum bat speed
  • Good follow through

Eyes Closed Drill

  • Mechanics are the same as the regular tee drill except the hitter will hit off the tee with the eyes closed
  • Take a look at the ball on the tee and then close the eyes
  • Open the front hip and turn the shoulders back before swinging
  • Loose swing with maximum bat speed
  • Good follow through

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