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NPF Association Column

Volume 4, No. 8 - November 2009

Catching: Back to the Basics with Megan Willis

By Megan Willis, NPF

“My daughter is afraid of the ball when it hits the dirt first.”

Drill: Teaching your catcher to track the ball in and let it hit them

Why we do this: In order for the catchers to get used to the feeling of the ball hitting them as well as understanding why they don’t need to catch (pick) the ball every time to have a good block.

A. Start your catcher in the proper blocking position (position B in drill 1)
B. Keep the catcher looking at the ball roller (towards the pitcher)
1. Ball roller stand no further then 3-5 feet away to roll balls straight to catcher
C. Have the catcher watch the ball from roller’s hand into their glove
D. Keep their throwing hand behind their glove while letting the glove block the ball (move hands laterally to block balls skipping left and right)
E. Let the ball hit their glove, chest protector or mask without flinching.
1. Roll 10-15 ball in a row
*Still flinching?? Make the girls close their eyes so they can’t see when the ball will hit them. Stay about 2-3 feet away

Photo courtesy of Dina T. Kwit

For additional catching drills from Megan and NPF, visit www.LittleLeagueCoach.org.

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