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Feature Story

Volume 4, No. 6 - June/July 2009

Star Throwing Drill

By Scott Grove, Little League Baseball Camp

This is an excellent drill to teach catching and receiving fundamentals. Line up five players in a circle evenly spaced with about 25 – 30 feet across the diameter of the circle. The players will exchange throws creating a “star” as the throws are made through the circle.

Player one (1) starts the drill. Going to the right are players (2), (3), (4), and (5). Throws are made in the following order: Player 1 to player 3, player 3 to player 5, player 5 to player 2, player 2 to player 4 and finally player 4 to player 1.

The ball moves quickly through the circle with the receivers re-coiling their hands as they catch the throw, moving their feet to set up the directional side and making a quick, accurate throw to the next partner.

The drill is continuous for 45 seconds to a minute. If any player makes a bad throw or drops a throw the coach should have another ball ready so that the drill can resume.

After the players become proficient at the drill, a second ball can be added. When adding the second ball, stress to the players to make sure that the receiver has thrown the previous ball and know who is throwing the ball to you. If a bad throw is made or the ball is dropped, the players should yell, “mistake,” in order that the other ball is not thrown to a partner who is not ready to receive the throw.

Points of emphasis for the coach should be to remind the players, to: (1) give a two-hand target, (2) recoil the hands when receiving, (3) move their feet, (4) set up the directional side when throwing and (5) make strong accurate throws from the launch position.

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