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Coach's Box - June/July

Volume 4, No. 6 - June/July 2009

National Pro Fastpitch Story

One of the best ways to kill momentum or a rally in softball is to throw a runner out. As a middle infielder your job is to catch and tag.

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Little League "Double Goal" Coach Course

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Star Throwing Drill

By Scott Grove, Little League Baseball Camp

This is an excellent drill to teach catching and receiving fundamentals. The players will exchange throws creating a “star” as the throws are made through the circle.

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Gaining Good or Better Arm Action

By Dave Miramontes and Rich Taylor, MVP Band

In baseball and for pitchers, the term arm action is the movement of a players arm when making a natural throwing motion toward the plate. When referring to arm motion, many coaches generally refer to the terminology of arm angles, arm slots, or release points. Quite frankly, these terms sound foreign to a parent, new coach and most importantly a young player that just wants to get out and play.

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More Tips for a Top-Notch Tournament Team Experience

By David Jacobson, Positive Coaching Alliance

To help prepare for Little League tournament season, our last Coach’s Box article addressed how to handle tournament team selection, and now it’s time for tips on managing your tournament team as a Little League Double-Goal Coach®.

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Sacrifice Bunting

By Michele Smith

Bunting is an important element of softball and a effective weapon for managers if done correctly. In my years of traveling to the College Softball World Series and doing analysis for ESPN at the various Little League Softball World Series, I realized it’s time for a refresher course on the basic skills necessary to properly executive a bunt.

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Round Tripper: Coach, Players from Czech Republic Enjoy Opportunity to Experience Little League Camp

By Communications Division

Soccer and ice hockey are the typical youth sports in the Czech Republic city of Bruno, but it may soon be buzzing with baseball fever if Little League coach David Winkler has his way.

Mr. Winkler, 29, an assistant coach with the Czech Republic’s National Team and a Little League Coach in the Draci Bruno Little League, asked for, and received, permission to travel from the Eastern European country to the United States for a 10-day stay. The purpose of the visit – attend Little League camp.

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Stump the Umpire Q&A

By Little League Operations Department

MYTH - “On that throw to home, the catcher was blocking the base path before he/she caught the ball. Call Interference!”

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Managing Pitchers: A Catcher’s Most Important Job

By Rachel Folden, Chicago Bandits Catcher

There are a lot of times when catching is fun. When we get to throw runners out, when our pitcher is rolling through the opposing team’s lineup, when we get to catch a pop-up behind the plate. However, being a catcher is a very invisible and selfless job.

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