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Michele Smith Feature

Volume 4, No. 2  

 February  2009


Fastball and Change-Up Grips for Pitchers

By Michele Smith

-Make sure your grip on the ball is firm, yet not so hard your knuckles are turning white.
-Use a two-seem grip to get a tight, true spin and movement on the ball. See Picture # 1.
-Use a four-seem grip if you have smaller hands and fingers. This might help you hold the ball more firmly. See Picture # 2.
-The Thumb is ALWAYS opposite of the middle finger placement on the ball, this will insure a good grip in the fingers.
-Grip the ball in the fingers, and not in the palm of the hand. When the ball is deep in the palm it slows wrist snap. Remember; ball in the fingers and out of the palm for speed.

Circle Change-Up
-Make sure your grip is firm and you hide the grip from the batter so you don’t “tip” your pitch.
-Hold the ball deep in the palm for the Change-Up. This will help take speed off the pitch and fool the batter.
-Your index finger and thumb should make a circle on the ball. This will also help keep the ball deep in the palm. Doing both of these will take speed away from the pitch. See Picture # 3.
-Keep the ball low in the strike zone; it is harder to hit a low change-up. A change-up high in the zone is easier for the batter to see and hit.

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