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Umpire Article

Volume 4, No. 9 - December 2009

You Make the Call …

By Little League Operations Deparment

Situation 1: Runner on first base, two strikes on batter, who swings at the pitch which hits him/her. Is the batter out?

Answer: Yes – Rule 2.00-STRIKE (e) & 6.05(e). The old myth comes back to haunt you if you got this one wrong. The hands are NOT part of the bat. We do not know of a manufacturer that makes bats with hands on them. Swinging strike three, ball is dead and runner on first stays on first.

Situation 2: Runner going from second to third base falls over the shortstop that was standing in the base line fielding a batted ball. The third baseman tags the runner with the ball. Is the runner out?

Answer: Yes – Rule 7.08(b) & 7.09(1). The base runner must give ground to a defensive player who is making a play on a batted ball. The runner is out whether it is deemed intentional or not intentional.

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