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NPF Association Column

Volume 4, No. 9 - December 2009

Triangle Drill

By Lisa Iancin, NPF Alumni (New England Riptide)

Things to Remember:

When fielding, it's important to have an approach to the ball. If you just run up to the ball without getting into an athletic fielding position, you are likely to miss the ball completely from not being balanced or set. The perfect fielding position can be established by getting low and reaching your hands out to form a triangle shape between your glove and your feet. By bending from your knees and reaching your hands out as far as you can, you will be able to read the ball off the ground better. Also, having your hands out in front will give you time to react to a bad hop, to make a last second grab.

When making the base of your triangle with your feet, position them wider than shoulder width but not too far apart. You want to be able to quickly jump out of your triangle after catching the ball. Keep your toes forward and weight mostly towards the front of your feet.

See the ball off the bat all the way into your glove and always charge when you can!


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