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Umpire Article

Volume 3, No. 6  

   November  2008


Stump the Umpire Q & A
By Little League

Situation 1: The batter smashes a line drive base hit into right field but overruns first base. He/she makes no attempt to go to second. The right fielder fires the ball to the first baseman who tags the batter-runner before he/she gets back to the bag. IS HE/SHE OUT???

Situation 2: One out---Runners on first and second. Batter smashes a double to left field. Runner from second scores but runner from first is thrown out at the plate. The batter advances to second safely BUT is declared out on appeal for missing first base. DOES THE RUN SCORE???

Situation 3: Runner on first and an improper batter is up. The runner advances to second on a wild pitch…the improper batter then laces a line drive to right field to score the runner. The defensive manager properly appeals the batting out of order and the umpire upholds the appeal for the first out. WHAT DO YOU DO WITH THE RUNNER WHO SCORED???

Situation 4: The runner on first is attempting to steal second, the catcher cocks his/her arm to throw to second and accidentally strikes the umpire in the mask. He/she hesitates briefly…then fires to second in time to nab the runner. DOES THE OUT STAND???

Situation 5: The runner on first is attempting to steal second, the catcher cocks his/her arm to throw to second and accidentally strikes the umpire in the mask. He/she hesitates briefly…then fires to second---too late to retire the runner. IS THIS A STOLEN BASE???

Situation 6: One out, runners on second and third, batter hits a double and both runners come home. The runner from third missed the plate…the runner from second properly touched. Realizing he/she missed the plate the runner from third returns to touch it…before the catcher appeals. DO BOTH RUNS COUNT???

Situation 7: Runner on first…batter hits an apparent triple. Runner from first misses second. After he/she touches third, his/her coach tells him/her to go back to second. He/she touches third and starts for second when he/she sees the batter-runner heading for third. The batter-runner retreats…to second and on to first. The runner clings to second base. MAY THE RUNNER RETREAT TO TOUCH A MISSED BASE AFTER HE/SHE HAS TOUCHED THE NEXT BASE???

Situation 8: Runner on first, no outs, and the batter hits a fly ball to left field. As the ball hits the left fielder’s glove, the runner tags and breaks for second. The ball is juggled but the center fielder makes the catch before the ball hits the ground. The defensive team appeals that the runner left before the ball was caught…IS THE RUNNER OUT FOR LEAVING TOO SOON???

Situation 9: In the late innings of a close game, the home team gets a runner to third base. To guard against a passed ball or wild pitch…the visiting manager brings in his/her right fielder to play behind the catcher and umpire. IS THIS LEGAL???

Situation 10: The batter swings and chops a high bounding ball down the first base line. The first baseman comes in to the field the ball several feet in front of the bag…both of his/her feet are in fair territory as he/she reaches across the line to field the ball…FAIR OR FOUL BALL?


  1. 7.08(c) NO. He/she may overrun first base even on a clean base hit. If he/she attempts to advance and is tagged, he/she would be out.
  2. 4.09(a) NO run scores. The runner crossed the plate on a play in which the batter-runner made the third out BEFORE he/she touched first base.
  3. 6.07(b) Put the runner back on second. His/her advance to second on the wild pitch is legal…but his/her advance on the base hit is nullified.
  4. 5.09(b) YES! This is considered umpire’s interference but is disregarded since the runner was retired. The out stands (and the umpire is off the hook.)
  5. 5.09(b) NO! Runners may not advance when the plate umpire interferes with the catcher’s throw. The runner returns to first base.
  6. 7.10(b) Only one run counts. He/she may not return after a following runner has scored.
  7. 7.02/7.10 (b) YES! While the ball is alive, runners may retreat after touching the next base. In a dead ball situation (e.g. homerun), he/she may not return to touch a missed base after he/she has touched the next base.
  8. 2.00 Catch. NO…the runner may tag up and advance the instant the first fielder touches the ball.
  9. 4.03 All fielders except the catcher must be positioned in fair territory. This not a legal maneuver.
  10. 2.00 It is a foul ball. Fair or foul is determined by the position of the ball in relation to the foul line…not the position of the fielder or his/her feet.

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