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Michele Smith Feature

Volume 3, No. 6  

   November  2008


Hitting Fastpitch Softball
By Michele Smith

There are many components of a good fastpitch softball swing. Let’s cover some of the essential parts you have to do right to help you become a good hitter. Remember hitting is complex, and just because you have a good swing does not mean you will have a high batting average. You must be mentally prepared, coachable, believe that you can do it, and most importantly, swing at good pitches or strikes. If you swing at balls, you will be helping the pitcher get yourself out! Always be positive and look at hitting as an opportunity for you to help your team win!


It is important to take a short and soft stride. If your stride is too long, the ball will look like it is moving because the level your eyes are on will drop. This gives the appearance that the ball is moving or rising. Keep the stride soft as well; this will help keep your balanced.


Always take a full cut. If you are going to swing, then swing! Do not hesitate or be too slow with your swing. The plan of the swing should be slightly downward, this will help you hit the ball on a line. An upward swing will create pop-ups.


Keep you head over your body for good balance. Always watch or track the ball as the pitch is thrown and as you swing, keep your head down. You can’t hit what you can’t see, so make sure that both your eyes are on the ball all the way to contact. No pulling your head out and looking for mom in the stands!

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