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Drill of the Month - January 2008


Volume 3, No. 1  

  January 2008


Drill of the month Winner – How To Stop Little League Hitters From Bailing Out At The Plate


This month’s tip comes from John Pedicini of Saugus National Little League in Massachusetts.

Here is John’s drill:

Many coaches have watched with frustration as Little League hitters step away from home plate with their lead foot while waving their bats at pitches. No matter how many times you tell them not to "bail out", they keep doing it.

I have found a drill that has worked with my players. I have them use an extreme closed stance (i.e. the front foot ahead of the back foot by at least 12 inches) while hitting. I have them continue to use this closed stance for several weeks. The front foot does not step away from home plate since the player is resting a significant amount of his/her weight on it.

For right-handed hitters, most hits go to right and center fields. For left-handed hitters, most hits go to left and center fields. Gradually, I decrease the amount of space that the front foot is ahead of the back foot until a comfortable stance is reached whereby the player does not step away from home plate while swinging the bat. This drill has worked every time that I have used it.

John Pedicini, Coach--Saugus National Little League

If you have a favorite drill you would like to submit for consideration, please e-mail it to this link. If we select it, you could receive a coaching resource from our supply!


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