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Behind the Plate - January 2008


Volume 3, No. 1


January 2008

Andy’s Myths
By Andy Konyar
Umpire Consultant
Little League Baseball and Softball

Coaches, take a look at these myths and make sure you are ahead of the game .

MYTH No.1 - "The hands are part of the bat."
If a batter is hit on the hands while swinging at a pitch, or while his/her hands are in the strike zone, it is a strike. OTHERWISE, it is a hit batter and he/she gets first base. In all cases the ball is dead and no runners may advance. See Rule 2.00 BALL, PERSON, STRIKE (e),(f), TOUCH, also Rule 6.08(b). THE HANDS ARE PART OF THE PERSON.

MYTH No. 2 - He/she held the ball for 2 seconds before he/she dropped it. That's a catch."
The length of time the ball is held has nothing to do with the determination of a catch. The release of the ball must be VOLUNTARY and INTENTIONAL. See Rule 2.00 CATCH. The fielder must prove that he/she had COMPLETE control of the ball before releasing it.

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