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  • Pieces of Our Past: SpringVice President Dan Quayle credits his time playing Little League Baseball in the 1950s as a major influence in his success as an adult.
  • Pieces of Our PastIn Sullivan County, Pa., about 25 miles northeast of Williamsport, Little League Baseball experienced a milestone event in 1948.
  • Pieces of Our Past: Little League Goes InternationalA look at some of the historical uniforms displayed throughout the World of Little League Peter J. McGovern Little League Museum and Official Store in South Williamsport, Pa., reveals when Little League Baseball became an international phenomenon.
  • Pieces of Our Past: OctoberSOUTH WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. (Oct. 3, 2011) - Four balls for a walk and three strikes for an out were established in baseball in 1889, five decades before the birth of Little League Baseball. The need for an umpire to count the number of balls and strikes per player resulted in a tool known as a ball-strike indicator.
  • Pieces of Our Past: October 2Meeting Baseball Hall of Famer Cy Young at the Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pa., was a memorable event for Samuel Cooksey of Front Royal, Va.
  • Pieces of Our Past: October 3The Little League Baseball World Series was the longest-running event on Wide World of Sports. It holds the record for the oldest continuous relationship between a major sporting body and a single network.
  • Pieces of Our Past: October Week 5When Tom Seaver played Little League in the mid-1950s, his dreams of becoming a Major Leaguer were just dreams, but even then his graciousness as a player was on par with his talent.
  • Pieces of Our Past: November Week 2Many of the visitors to the Peter J. McGovern Little League Museum in South Williamsport, Pa., linger to read a plaque honoring Pfc. Victor J. Staccone, a Little League graduate who died in 1951.
  • Pieces of Our Past: November Week 4Visitors to the Peter J. McGovern Little League Museum in South Williamsport, Pa., often seek information about Little League World Series players from their hometown or surrounding communities.
  • Pieces of Our Past: December - Week 1Most baseball fans are familiar with the ceremonial singing of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame,” during the seventh-inning stretch at Major League Baseball games, but many Little League fans do not know that Little League founder Carl E. Stotz wrote a similar ode to Little League.