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  • A Piece of the Past - January 2006Although Little League began in 1939, the first championship tournament was played in 1947 across the Susquehanna River at what is now known as the Original League Field along West Fourth Street in Williamsport
  • A Piece of the Past - February 2006Who was Peter J. McGovern and why is there a museum dedicated to Little League Baseball and Softball named after him?
  • A Piece of the Past - March 2006Keds, sneakers, PF Flyers and plastic-style cleats hold a significant role in the development of equipment for Little League.
  • A Piece of the Past - April 2006The misinterpretation of an emblem carried by early Little Leaguers in a Williamsport parade on Memorial Day in 1942 resulted in a change in its shape.
  • A Piece of the Past: Little League Softball UniformsThe first uniforms for Little League Softball players were reminiscent of an outfit The Rockettes of Radio City Music Hall fame would wear.
  • A Piece of the Past - June 2006Many artifacts at the Peter J. McGovern Little League Museum symbolize the spirit of the Little League Baseball World Series for all who participate each year.
  • A Piece of the Past - July 2006One of the 10 rings designed by Little League Baseball founder Carl E. Stotz, honoring the men who were instrumental in the early development of what has become the largest organized youth sports program in the world, is among the artifacts on display at the Peter J. McGovern Little League Museum.
  • A Piece of the Past - August 2006As organized youth sports programs have become an established part of contemporary American life, the concept of appropriately sized uniforms for young athletes has become commonplace. While today’s participants in Little League Baseball wear uniforms and use equipment not unlike those used by their professional counterparts, such was not always the case.
  • A Piece of the Past - September 2006One of Dugout’s original costumes is on display at the Peter J. McGovern Little League Museum in South Williamsport.
  • A Piece of the Past - November/December 2006Two fingers, three fingers, four fingers. Hardly any padding. Some padding. Lots of padding.