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General Liability Insurance

Any organization which handles other people’s children and allows the public to come in as spectators is liable to be taken into court if accidents occur. Some examples of classic jeopardy would be an explosion in the concession stand, a stand collapsing and injuring a large number of spectators, or a player injured when a bench collapses in the dugout.

If something like this happens, the local league’s general liability insurance will guarantee the league protection and the insurance program will defend the league against suits even if they are groundless. If the suits are justified, the insurance program will settle and pay all claims up to the maximum limits and provisions of the plan.

The general liability insurance program protects the league, its sponsors, executive officers, directors, managers, coaches, volunteer umpires and other volunteer workers. This is the reason Little League requires that its leagues be protected by general liability insurance. Costly legal action and damage claims could ruin an innocent league and its individual operators, if the protection were to be overlooked.

Help Questions? - If you have any other questions about the General Liability Insurance plan, please e-mail bstahlnecker@littleleague.org