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Accident Insurance

All children who play Little League Baseball and Softball, as well as adults who volunteer as managers, coaches, umpires, official scorekeepers, player agents and safety officers must be covered adequately by accident insurance. Action to require all leagues to carry accident insurance was legislated by the Little League Congress in 1957. Blanket accident coverage is underwritten by an insurance company, not Little League Baseball, Incorporated. However, insurance forms are returned to headquarters for processing – another money-saving measure of direct benefit to local Little Leagues.

Money to pay insurance premiums is raised by chartered leagues in the name of Little League Baseball, and it must be applied to assure the best insurance protection for the lowest cost. Leagues may purchase their insurance from any source, but coverage must be at least comparable to that provided by the low rate plan available to Little League programs. Little League Baseball has campaigned vigorously, and will continue to do so, to provide the best possible insurance coverage at the lowest costs.

Accident Insurance Claim Forms

 Accident Claim Form
 Accident Claim Form Instructions
 Accident Claim Form Instructions (En Espanol)

An excess provision with a deductible is included in the AIG blanket accident policy, eliminating payments for medical expenses covered by any other insurance compensation. This in no way affects the broad benefits of protection available to all leagues, but it does prevent unwarranted double payments to parents for accident coverage purchased by the local league.

The AIG group accident insurance also covers eligible participants while traveling directly, without delay, to and from the field as well as during scheduled practice sessions and scheduled games. The benefits include provisions for accident, death or dismemberment and also for medical expenses. Coverage also extends to volunteers involved in authorized activities.

Local Little League organizers are encouraged to institute ASAP (A Safety Awareness Program) in their leagues. This program, supported by Musco Sports Lighting and AIG, shares the best safety ideas of volunteers, and has been extremely successful. Local leagues can even receive credits and qualify for awards by participating in ASAP.

Leagues that submit a qualified safety program by the announced deadline receive a 15 percent accident insurance credit on the following season’s fees. For many leagues, this means savings of more than $200 annually.

All claims prior to January 1, 2005 are no longer handled by Little League International. Any questions or correspondence should be directed to:

Carolyn Goins
The Hartford
P.O. Box 3856
Alpharetta, GA 30023

Phone: (800) 445-9057 Ext. 2309195
Email: Carolyn.Goins@thehartford.com

For all claims AFTER January 1, 2005, PLEASE Contact Little League International with any questions or correspondence at:

Phone: (570) 326-1921 or (570) 327-1674 or Fax: (570) 326-2951

Help Questions? - If you have any questions about the Accident Insurance plan, please e-mail bstahlnecker@littleleague.org