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About Little League Softball®

Little League Softball® was established in 1974 and today 360,000 athletes participate on more than 24,000 softball teams in over 20 countries. Softball initially began with only two divisions, Little League® and Big League, but now offers programs for girls ages 4 through 18. Every year, local Little Leagues enroll players within their boundaries to create teams and play a regular season against neighboring communities. In June, leagues have the opportunity to select and enter all-star teams to compete in the Little League International Tournament.

Little League Softball currently operates seven tournament divisions as part of the International Tournament where teams must play to advance through District, Section, State, Region and World Series tournaments. Four divisions culminate at a Softball World Series where athletes will make lasting memories, create life-long friendships, compete against the best teams from nine US and International regions and one league will be crowned World Champions. In addition to each World Series championship televised on ESPN’s family of networks, the Little League, Senior League and Big League semi-finals are also broadcasted.

Aside from teaching the sport of softball, Little League prides itself on strengthening player self-esteem, promoting teamwork and sportsmanship, and developing leaders.

  • Programs for players 4-18
  • Most leagues can charter AND insure teams through Little League for an average cost of about $6 per player
  • Free access to Little League’s Coaches Resource Center – LittleLeagueCoach.org
  • Free access to Little League’s Umpire Resource Center – LittleLeagueUmpire.org
  • Clinics and seminars for managers, coaches, umpires and league officials
  • 125 free background checks
  • Teenage division softball rules closely resemble the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS)
  • Local leagues are reimbursed for travel to the state level and beyond by Little League at a rate of $1 per mile for one round trip to each tournament site
For more information and the latest news about Little League Softball, visit the Softball Page or contact Sara Thompson at sthompson@littleleague.org or call 570-326-1921.