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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What time is check in on Sunday?
    1 - 4pm

  2. What time is dismissal on Friday?
    11:30 am after the morning game.

  3. How much money is needed for the camp canteen?
    $40.00 is recommended.

  4. Why can’t my child keep his cell phone with him?
    For Safe keeping and to prevent inappropriate pictures being taken/sent.

  5. Why shouldn’t I bring my own equipment?
    We have all equipment needed, except gloves and shoes. Sometimes we are testing new products as well.

  6. Can parents come and watch games during the week?
    Yes, parents are welcome to watch, please let staff know you are on the grounds for everyone’s safety.

  7. Does the medical form have to be mailed in prior to arrival at camp?
    No, the form can be brought with you. Make sure the medical form is signed if you mail it or send your child with another person.

  8. Can we pack snacks to eat in the dorms at night?
    No! No food or drink is permitted in the dorms.

  9. Why do I have to label my child’s clothing?
    With 14 campers per dorm, things tend to get lost or misplaced, labeling makes it easier to find and identify. That includes their glove and shoes as well.

  10. Why can’t my child call until Tuesday night?
    Campers away from home for the first time need time to adjust. If there is an emergency or problem, our staff will notify you immediately.