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What Athletes Have to Say:

"Little League was a great period in my life. We never won a championship, bet we tried real hard. That's what Little League is all about – trying." – Nolan Ryan, Baseball's All-Time Strikeout King

"My participation in Little League in Pine Bluff, Arkansas opened doors for me and showed me there were other opportunities in life that I could have with hard work and perseverance. I want to thank the volunteers of the Pine Bluff National Little League who took the time to nourish and care about what became of my life. I would also like to thank the Little League organization and the Little League Urban Initiative for sharing my vision to provide opportunities like I had to African-American youngsters who need it most." – Torii Hunter

"I wanted to play in college and playing Big League Softball gave me the chance to compete and be the best. I attribute all of my wanting to coach with the game of Little League. Those were the favorite times of my life." – Heather Tarr, Head Softball Coach, University of Washington


What Little Leagues Around the World Have to Say:

Service – "For our area's three Little Leagues (1,700 participants, 140 teams) the Little League organization has been there, from the District Administrator, all the way up through the regional centers, to Little League Headquarters."

Structure – "We didn't have to invent anything. There is a wealth of things to look at (instructional material) and I'm comfortable saying we can get better by doing what is out there. Since we've joined, we've helped three areas that did not have programs before."

Little League Stands Out – "Joining Little League created interest for kids. It's a feather in our cap if we say we belong to Little League. Being with Little League helps show we are trying to improve and do good things for our program."