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Tips For Promoting Online Registration To Parents

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Once you’ve decided to move to online registration, it’s important to promote it. Parents, players, and volunteers need to be aware of it, as well as realize how much easier it will make the process for them. Here are some tips to help you get started:

Clear and compelling message

Create a clear, incentivizing message to parents.

 Use straightforward language without any buzzwords (or extra words!). For example, “Sign Up Online Now” or “Last Chance to Register Online” are ideal statements.

 Break up your content by using short paragraphs, bullet points, and pictures.

Online marketing

Check your local online media outlets for additional opportunities to get the word out. For example, calendar listings, like those on ACTIVE.com, are typically free. The great thing about these online news outlets is that they are highly read in your area. So, while your own website may not show up in Google when someone searches “[Your Town Name] Little League Baseball Registration 2014,” searchers will still be able to find you because of the listing you created. If you’re not familiar with your local online media outlets, simply Google “News + [your city]” and look for relevant results. Or just do a Google search for your local news stations to find their websites.

Online Ads

Start by exploring opportunities to get complimentary ad space. Ask your local sponsors and local field facilities if they can host an ad, article, blog post, or video on their website or social media pages on your behalf. You can also use visual ads in your own emails and social media channels to draw attention.

Email Marketing

Email is a very popular marketing technique to reach parents and can be an opportunity to promote online registration. When putting together your emails, remember to keep them very short and to the point—your top goal is to get parents to click on that online registration link, so don’t bury it among lots of words! Also, you’ll get better results by breaking your lists into groups (e.g. segment by team, returning players vs. new players, tee ball parents, etc.) and craft an online registration message for each group.

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing can be effective because it can act as a physical reminder to parents and players of online registration dates and upcoming deadlines. There are many types of offline marketing for you to try: posting signs and displays at fields, at local businesses, or in schools; sending flyers and postcards via the postal mail; advertising on the local radio or TV stations, or in local newspapers or magazines; or holding a parent meeting during pre-season to explain online registration and give seasonal updates.


Get creative with your local league’s Facebook posts! Facebook’s technology rewards users that create the best content with more attention in users’ newsfeeds. By “best” we mean posts that get liked or shared a lot. You can do that by: asking questions of your fans such as “Would you like to avoid the long lines of registration day?” vs. simply asking for a “Like”; or hosting mini-contests such as a free t-shirt for the first 10 parents to register their kids online. Using lots of pictures and video always helps, too! Remember to always include a link to online registration in your posts that are promoting it.

Stay organized, test new ideas, and repeat what works

Track what types of marketing you do to promote online registration and analyze what worked best. Did a lot of parents click on the link in the registration email you sent? How many comments did you get on your Facebook contest for first registrations? Did a lot of parents show up to the pre-season meeting where you explained the new system? Note what works and repeat for next season!

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