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League Finder & Boundary Map

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Please familiarize yourself with the following:

How to draw an electronic Boundary Map on eteamz.com

To create a map in eteamz, login to the eteamz admin and go to Website Pages>Boundary Maps.

Note: Only League and District eteamz site types associated to Little League Baseball & Softball will be able to view this page.


The starting location on the map will be pulled in automatically from your eteamz Listing page
(My Site Design > Listing), but it can be edited by clicking the Edit link under the Site Location section.

You can also add an address in the Find address field. You can add a city name and state, or zip code to the Find address field.

1. Enter an address and click Find address. A pin will point to the exact center of the address you entered.  

2. Once you have the correct location, start drawing your border by clicking on the map.

  • Note: The blue pin is NOT your starting point – it is simply pointing to the exact middle of the location you entered in the Find Address field.
  • Note: You may need to zoom in by clicking the + button on the left hand side of the map to ensure you are including the appropriate border area.

3. To complete and close a map, you need to click on the start point. The map will indicate that it's closed properly by highlighting the middle of the map in blue.

  • If you need to start over, click the Clear/Start map button on the bottom right corner of the map. There is also a Back button in the bottom right corner of the map that will allow users to undo their map step by step if they wish to make changes.

4. Please be sure to add a Region name and Description. The Description should include comprehensive details about your league and the league or district's boundaries. Feel free to include street names and other locations to help identify your boundaries. The Regional Center Staff at Little League will review this description to help determine if the map is correct.


5. If the map is a district map, please indicate this by clicking the checkbox on the page. District maps will follow different approval processes.

6. Once your map is final click Save Map.

7. The option to request approval will appear. To request approval from a District Administrator or Regional Center Staff; click the check box next to Request Approval.

8. Click Save Map button to request approval

Map Approval Process ( IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ )

If you are creating a league map
, once you save the map for approval, please enter your District Administrator's email address in order to submit the map for review. The DA will either return the email to you, to request any changes OR send an email to the Regional Center Staff for final approval by following the original request. Once the Regional Center Staff approves your map, it will display on the Boundary Map page on your eteamz site.

If you are creating a district map, once you save the map for approval, an email is automatically sent to your Regional Center Staff for review. The Regional Center Staff will either return the email to you, to request any changes OR give final approval. Once the Regional Center Staff approves your map, it will display on the Boundary Map page on your eteamz site.

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