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Create and Maintain A Compelling Website With ETEAMZ

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The eteamz.com website platform was developed around the specific needs of sports organizers like local Little Leagues. As our official website provider, we have been able to work with ACTIVE Network to integrate Little League® specific organizer needs into the eteamz platform so league and district administrators experience benefits upon site creation.

With an eteamz website, you can get these custom integrations:

finder League Finder Listing: All leagues/districts with an eteamz website are automatically listed in the finder tool, allowing parents and players to find their local program with ease. The district/league finder is highly visible on LittleLeague.org, as well as the major search engines, so new members will be able to find your local league. Check out the finder here: eteamz.com/llb/finder.

League Boundary Maps: eteamz boundary map tool allows leagues to draw their boundaries electronically and send them to their district/region for approval. Once approved, this map will populate on the league’s site and update their league finder listing. Explaining the boundary maps just got a lot easier and the confusing paper maps are eliminated!

Newsfeed: All Little League eteamz sites come with a live feed on their homepage that is continually updated with exciting news and important updates from Little League International, keeping you and your site visitors in the know. If you don’t have the widget on your eteamz.com site yet, visit tinyurl.com/LLnewsfeed for easy instructions on how to add it.

Little League Templates: A good website starts with a clean and user-friendly appearance. Help parents easily recognize your Little League program by using templates that contain Little League logos and branding. Choose from a plethora of Little League templates that come complete with the Little League International logo and links to resources for players, parents and leagues.

Little League 75th Anniversary Templates: Teams and Leagues can get the template by following these easy steps:
  1. Create a little league site
  2. Access the new site admin, then click menu “My Site Design
  3. From the expanded drop down list, click ”Customize”
  4. On the new pop-up page, select the “Little League” on the “All Templates” dropdown list
  5. Select the newly created template “LLB 75th Anniversary”, then click the button “Save Changes”, after that click the link “View my site”

Steps to enable and disable Little League Widget on PLUS sites
  1. Go to Admin menu
  2. Select the My Account/PLUS folder
  3. Select Preferences
  4. Go to Partner Updates section at the bottom of the page
  5. Go to Show LLB RSS feed widget section of Partner Updates
  6. Select Enabled to turn on the widget or Disabled to turn off the widget
  7. Select the Update button

Visit eteamz.com to get started. Set up your site in less than 30 minutes, customize according to your needs, and publish!

FormDownload the above Create and Maintain A Compelling Website With eteamz PDF.


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