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Soliciting Sponsorships and Donations From Local Businesses

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Sponsorships and donations from local businesses and organizations help provide the necessary funding for local leagues to grow. It is important to start this process early and have a plan. Follow the guidelines in the Little League Operating Manual, published annually on sponsorship and fundraising.

FormDownload the below Soliciting Sponsorships and Donations From Local Businesses PDF

Determine your sponsorship donation levels and goals based on your league’s operating needs. It may be beneficial to evaluate any offers for sponsorships you may receive that may not exactly match the levels you have established. It would be unwise to turn down sponsorship donations that could benefit your league.

Create a list of local businesses that fall within your league’s boundaries. Identify the local business owner or manager and appropriate contact information. Keep this list on file each year.

Determine sponsorship opportunities within your league such as Registration Sponsor, Team Uniform Sponsor, Fence Sign Sponsor, Website Advertisement or Opening Day Sponsor.

Create a donation letter along with information about your league and how the donations will help with your league operations. Include pictures and logos to excite the reader and information about player/family participation in the league. Position the league as a good marketing opportunity for local businesses to reach customers. Encourage not only a donation but also support to help promote league activities and volunteerism, if applicable.

Use your league logo in all materials and communication to clearly identify your league to potential sponsors and donors.

When possible, visit local businesses in person to drop off information and discuss the opportunity with the manager or owner. Encourage a response by a specific deadline.

Track sponsorship donations and support during the season to simplify the fundraising process each year.

Evaluate the success with each sponsor at the end of the season. Was it successful for them? What else would they have liked to do?

Note: It is important to note that sponsorship by any business of a local league or team does not give that sponsor any rights in the operations of the league or any use of the Little League marks. The Little League Operating Manual contains additional information on league fundraising activities and the use of Little League marks.

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