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Sponsorship Best Practices

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Each local Little League program should consider implementing a variety of tools in the areas of sponsorship and fundraising. Determine your sponsorship donation levels and goals. It also maybe beneficial to evaluate any offers for sponsorships you may receive that may not exactly match the levels you have established. Below are some sample fundraising and sponsorship systems that are used by numerous Little League programs.

Important: Remember only to solicit within league boundaries. The systems listed below can be easily modified to meet your league’s individual needs.

Note: Little League International reserves the right to prohibit a local Little League from accepting any sponsorship, fundraising opportunity or donation if it deems that the sponsor, fundraiser or donor violates the provisions of the following statement. “Little League does not limit participation in its activities on the basis of disability, race, creed, color, national origin, gender, sexual preference or religious preference.


The “Cycle” Sponsorship System - A simple way to engage potential sponsors in baseball/softball terms. This system offers four sponsorship options that can be purchased by organizations or individuals. By keeping the “single” option priced very affordably, everyone has an opportunity to get involved.

Be sure that you are familiar with our Sponsorship Policy.

Sponsorship Levels

The Single

 Internet sponsorship banner on the league’s website with company name, phone number and website information
 Recognition at Opening Day Parade/Ceremony

The Double

 Team sponsorship (name of business on jersey)
  Outfield banner
  Plaque with team picture given to the sponsor at the end of the season
 Recognition at Opening Day Parade/Ceremony
 Website sponsorship banner on the league’s site with company name, phone number and website information

The Triple

  Option for sponsorship of 2 years at discounted rate
  Website banner
  Outfield banner
  Plaque with team picture given to the sponsor at the end of the season
  Recognition at Opening Day Parade/Ceremony

The Home Run

  Option for sponsorship of 3 years at discounted rate
  Home page recognition and website banner
  Outfield banner
  2 plaques with team picture given to the sponsor at the end of the season
  Recognition at Opening Day Parade/Ceremony

À la carte

  Team sponsorship
  Outfield banner
  Recognition on the league’s website
  Recognition in the league’s program
  Recognition at Opening Day Ceremonies
  Plaque with team picture given to sponsor
  In kind donations (i.e. lawn equipment, concession stand supplies, field materials, athletic equipment, etc.)
  Opportunity to set up a booth/stand at opening ceremonies

Items from the above list can be used to put together several different sponsorship packages that have a fixed price. Leagues may also choose to allow potential sponsors to put together their own "à la carte" package by pricing each item on the list and allowing sponsors to pick and choose the items that they would like.

Note: Pricing will vary by community and by the ability of organizations in that community to pay for sponsorships.

Individual Donations

In addition to businesses, leagues should also consider giving individuals an opportunity to support the league through donations. This gives hundreds of families and supporters of the local Little League program an opportunity to get involved and opens up new avenues of funding. Recognition for their donation can include:

 Name mention in the "Thank You" section in the league’s program
 Name mention in the "Thank You" section on the league’s website
 Recognition or mention of donor at Opening Dayor Closing Ceremonies


Below are sample sponsor registration and agreement forms. They are meant to be used as a guide and can be fully customized to suit your needs.

Note: These are .doc files, so you will need Microsoft® Word or comparable software such as the FREE OpenOffice™ Suite to open and edit these files.

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