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Fundraising Best Practices

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In addition to sponsorships, leagues should consider holding several fundraisers throughout the year. Please note Rule XIII (b) - Commercialization.

Rule XIII (b) - Commercialization

Solicitation for fund raising by Little League (Majors) Division, Minor League, Tee Ball, Intermediate (50/70) Division, Junior, Senior or Big League players in or out of uniform is prohibited, except for one fund raising project annually under adult supervision.

The key to successfully fundraising is to consult with other league officials and specific fundraising activities for the year. Within these meetings, duties should be assigned and a monetary goal should be made. Planning these endeavors helps eliminate competing efforts and unnecessary demands on volunteers and the community. It is important to check within your community any laws surrounding fundraiser exempt activities. Fundraisers can be broken into several categories including preseason, in season and postseason. Below are some fundraisers that are used by numerous Little League programs.

Be sure to read our Fundraising Policy

Pre-Season Fundraisers

These should occur during registration or during the Opening Day Ceremonies of the league. Large crowds at the events and other members of the community should be targeted for these types of fundraisers to drive interest and successful turnout. These examples include:

  • Candy sales/ Bake sales
  • Raffles
  • Silent Auction
  • Magazine sales
  • Trading pin sales
  • Discount cards
  • Yard sale/Craft fair
  • Online donation on league site
  • Brick purchase to line the walkway at the park

In-Season Fundraisers

These events should occur as secondary events, and not take away from the baseball/softball product on the field. The event should be about making a contribution to the community and not exploit the help of volunteers or players. Some examples include:

  • Hit-a-thon – For every 5 dollars raised by a player, they get one hit in a hitting contest
  • 50/50 drawings at games
  • Pass the hat at games

Post-Season Fundraisers

These events should occur at the conclusion of the season play. These events can still be baseball/softball related, but also can give your league a chance to offer other activities for the community. Some examples include:

  • Car Wash
  • Major League Baseball/Minor League Baseball Ticket Sale Fundraiser (Most professional teams have fundraising options available for local leagues)
  • Pancake Breakfast
  • Spaghetti Dinner
  • Social functions such as picnics, barn dance or awards banquet
  • Talent based events including talent shows, plays, or concerts

Local leagues are encouraged to contact their District Administrator as a resource for other fundraising ideas. DAs are encouraged to pass along experience and opportunities to inquiring leagues. Furthermore, contact your DA before entering into any agreement that may involve neighboring leagues or regions to prevent confusion.

A successful fundraising campaign will include fundraisers during all three time periods, however, leaning on the preseason and postseason events may allow for increased participation.

For more fundraising ideas go to: Fundraising Opportunities

Helpful Hints

  • Planning is crucial. Failure to plan is planning to fail.
  • Market your events. Use local newspapers, school bulletins, radio or television or word of mouth. People don’t come to events, they don’t know about.
    See Marketing Your League and Marketing Tips and Tools
  • Use your league website. Eteamz.com provides a calendar tool that can be very useful in the notification of events.
  • Display the benefits of helping your league by making it personal. Personalized appeals and campaigns that center around the kids always help.
  • Keep costs low. Simple accounting: lower cost equals higher profit.
  • A good mix of fundraisers goes a long way. Not everyone wants to buy candy or baked goods.
  • Be creative! Don’t be afraid to think outside the box.
  • Ride the success train and get off when it derails. If a specific fundraiser works, stick with it, but don’t keep doing the same thing expecting different results.

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