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Tips for Promoting Player Registration and Retention In Your League

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  Set specific dates for registration six to nine months in advance to keep parents informed.

 Hold a parents meeting to educate them on the Little League® mission and league policies. Utilize Little League’s Messaging to the Little League Parent to guide the meeting.

 Promote registration opportunities on your league website all year.

 Hold registration on a weekend to allow greater flexibility for working parents to get there.

 Move to online registration for convenience of payment and time commitment.

 Hold “early bird registration” or allow parents to “pre-register” their child at the close of the season.

 Send an email to the list of current parents at the end of the season to encourage registration for the upcoming season.

 Advertise registration information in local papers; utilize Little League logo in the advertisement to promote recognition among parents.

 Be upfront with costs and requirements (e.g. documents) for registration. Parents will bring the required information with them if you communicate it in advance.

 Designate a volunteer to answer questions from parents via email prior to registration or at any time during online registration. Be timely and accurate with your responses.

 Explain your league boundaries prior to registration to help new parents find the right league. Utilize the boundary map functionality on eteamz.com.

 Hold a registration event at a convenient location that appeals to families. Work with a local school, church or business in the community, such as a restaurant, to host a registration event that makes it fun to attend.

 During registration, take a moment to verify parent contact information – address, phone number, email address – to ensure accuracy. Communication for the following season will be easier.

 Send a reminder letter or postcard regarding registration to those families who have not already registered.

 Determine if your local school or other community centers will distribute flyers regarding league registration.

 Identify other locations where flyers can be posted – supermarkets, shopping malls, churches, pharmacies, physicians’ offices, restaurants and other local businesses.

 Advertise in community newspapers, websites and other local publications read by parents. Utilize calendar listings on local websites and in newspapers.

 Utilize PSA announcements, included in digital format in this toolkit to promote your league and registration.

 Contact local television and radio stations to run the PSA announcements. Many offer free air time for non-profit organizations.

 Encourage parents to register for The Parent Connection Newsletter available from Little League International. The

 Parent Connection Newsletter will educate parents on rules, regulations and general Little League information.

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