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Enhance Local League Events

Chartering and Marketing Toolkit
75th Anniversary
How Your Local League Can Help Celebrate Little League's 75th Anniversary
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Local Little Leagues can gain valuable exposure and attention in the local community by touting an affiliation with the Little League® program and mission. The 75th Anniversary gives you a great opportunity to enhance this exposure, using your existing league events as a forum to gain more participation, attention and donations. Each year, local Little Leagues host or participate in celebrations like: Opening Day, Parades, Team Photo Day, Family Fun Day, Close of the Season Picnic, Movie Night and Field Clean Up Days.

Make Your League Events More Engaging By Including Some of the Following:

1. Invite alumni who are local athletes (high school, college, professional or amateur sports), notable individuals, mascots, community leaders and others to Team Picture Day; have them pose for photos with players and teams. Brand photos with the 75th Anniversary League-Approved Logo Format.

2. Create an opening day program that highlights the personal and professional achievements of past players in the league; call the section of the program “Developing Major League People for 75 Years”; include the history of Little League®, the start of the local league and other notable events in the league’s history.

3. Host a fun day or include family-based activities in your annual events such as face painting, carnival games, relay races, home-run contests and a family picnic.

4. Take time to tell your league’s history during league events that include parents and other community members; publish a timeline of key events on your league’s web site and promote to the local paper.

5. Work with local Minor League Baseball teams, or colleges to highlight the local Little League affiliation in connection with Little League’s 75th Anniversary.

6. Create connections with the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, local fairs, concerts and other community events to tout the Anniversary and the local Little League program information.

7. Hold a special registration weekend to take place during the Little League World Series. Showing games during the event will generate excitement for the following season. Take this opportunity to update uniforms and add the Little League 75th Anniversary patch. Players will appreciate the “look” of the uniform.

8. Invite local bands or musicians to play Take Me Out to the Ballgame, National Anthem and other relevant baseball game music at league events.

9. Invite league alumni to Opening Day ceremonies and present a special Alumni Recognition award to these individuals; encourage the local media to cover your events and interview these individuals.

10. Create special awards for players and volunteers who convey the Little League spirit; brand the awards with the 75th Anniversary logo and theme.

11. Create a special photo collage or album, print and digital – to document alumni and their memories for future generations. Display photo collage at local post office, library or community hall for others to view.

12. Research community groups, events or locations that are celebrating anniversaries; create a tie-in to their celebration.

13. Have your longest tenured volunteers carry a 75th Anniversary banner in the Opening Day Parade and other community parades.

Share Your Photos and Memories of the 2014 Season

Celebrate Little League’s 75th Anniversary by submitting them to photos@littleleague.org and including the hashtag #LittleLeague75 when posting to social media.

Check back for other ways to share your memories on our 75th website LittleLeagueBigLegacy.com in 2014.

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