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Sponsorship Policy


This policy delineates the rights and responsibilities of both the “LOCAL” Little League and the local Sponsor. The LOCAL Little League program has the ability to define sponsorship standards as per the Little League International Operating Manual (see section titled “Sponsors and Donors”).


Sponsorship is the negotiated provision of cash, goods or services in exchange for advertising, publicity or other benefits provided by the local league.


This policy should be reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors with each new season (as defined by the Local Little League Constitution and By-Laws). This will ensure the policy is kept up to date with sponsorship standards as outlined in the Little League International Operating Manual as well as local league established procedures.


Sponsors of “LOCAL” Little League should be motivated by the objective of making a community contribution. LOCAL Little League recognizes that there are mutually significant benefits to be derived from sponsorship arrangements with businesses in its community. It is an important way for the league to raise funds for operations. Subject to the provisions of this document, LOCAL Little League supports sponsorships that:

  • Are consistent with the core values of the Little League program and must clearly benefit the league.
  • Provides savings, discounts or benefits, which are tangible, ethical and are targeted at goods and services, which are needed by the league.
  • Generate funding to continue, enhance or extend projects and programs, facilities and services of the league.
  • The benefits of the sponsorship must go directly to the league. LOCAL Little League officers must not take or seek to take advantage their position in order to obtain personal benefits.

Sponsorship, however, does not give the local sponsor any rights in the operation of the league. Nor does it give the local sponsor any rights to use the Little League marks.

Monitoring and Reporting Responsibilities

The Sponsorship/Fundraising Manager is typically responsible for:

  • Solicitation and procurement of local sponsorships
  • Collection and review of sponsorship/fundraising opportunities
  • Organization and implementation of approved LOCAL League fundraising activities
  • Maintaining details of sponsorship/fundraising income and expenditures

General Procedures/Standards

The negotiation of a LOCAL League sponsorship should be managed according to the following procedures:

  • No Benefit to a sponsor may include direct references to alcohol, tobacco products or adult content. The league must carefully review sponsors which, according to community standards, may be deemed offensive.
  • Must not portray or depict people/material in a way the discriminates against a person or section of the community OR on the basis of race, ethnicity, nationality, sex, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, disability or political belief.
  • Sponsorship should be seen as the opportunity to assist youth and help make their community a better place in which to live.
  • Sponsorships must be approved by the Board of Directors of LOCAL Little League. The league will not enter into an agreement with an organization deemed to be in conflict with the league or its core values.
  • A LOCAL League sponsorship is not an endorsement of the person, business or any products or services provided by the said person or business. Any use of the Little League Marks implying such endorsement is an infringement.
  • LOCAL League sponsorship does not give the local sponsor the right to use Little League International marks or logos as indicated below:
    • Local league Sponsors may NOT use the marks or words "Little League®," "Little Leaguer®," "Little League Baseball®," “Little League® Baseball and Softball,” "LLB®", "LL®", "Senior League Little League®," "Big League Little League®," "Challenger Division®,” “Dugout®” without including the local league’s name “LOCAL Little League”. The only exception is in the case of a local affiliate of a national Little League sponsor.

      A complete listing of our current national sponsors may be found at: National Sponsors
    • LOCAL League Sponsors cannot use the words "Little League," "Little Leaguer," "Little League Baseball," “Little League Baseball and Softball,” "Senior League Little League," "Big League Little League," "Challenger Division," “Dugout” and/or the Official Emblem in conjunction with any product or service.
    • The use of the Little League marks or logos by any person, organization, or league not chartered by Little League is an infringement of the trademark rights.
    • Little League International shall have the sole and exclusive right to use and to allow or refuse to others the use of the terms "Little League," "Little Leaguer," and the Official Little League Emblem or any colorable simulation thereof.
  • Complete information on the use of Little League Marks can be found in the current version of the Operating Manual. The Little League International standards are hereby included by reference. See section “Use of Little League Marks” in the Operating Manual or this quick reference online: Logo Usage Guide
  • Exploitation of the Little League program, a league, a team or individual player for the benefit, financially or otherwise by a sponsor is strictly prohibited.
  • Sponsorships can be revoked at any time without refund for violating this policy.
  • This policy does not limit the League’s (either LOCAL Little League or Little League International) legal recourse available due to copyright or trademark infringement for misuse of Little League International property.