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Electronic Boundary Maps - FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

The electronic boundary map tool is a new feature on www.eteamz.com web sites. Eteamz, and their parent company, ACTIVE Network, are long time partners of Little League®. Through this partnership, they developed this new technology to allow districts and leagues to add an electronic boundary map to their eteamz.com web sites.

How do I go about creating a boundary map?

Why hasn't my map been approved yet?

The process for approval of a boundary map is as follows:

  1. Once you save your map and click to submit for approval, the map is sent to your District Administrator for review.
  2. If your DA accepts your map as drawn, he/she then forwards an email to his region with the map to review.
  3. Final review and publishing occurs at your regional office.
  4. Once your map is accepted it automatically appears on your eteamz.com web site and within the Little League official league finder.

Is the boundary map portion of eteamz.com on a free or PLUS site?

The boundary map tool is available on all eteamz sites, free or PLUS, so long as the site type is League or Organizational and the site is associated with Little League.

How will I know if my map is accepted or rejected after it is reviewed?

  • If your map is accepted, it will automatically show up on your Eteamz site.
  • If your map is rejected, your DA or Region will communicate back to you to advise on the reasons for the rejection.

Who should I contact to check on the status of my map?

You should first contact your District Administrator to ensure that he/she has reviewed the map and forwarded to the appropriate Regional Office. If yes, than you can check with your Regional Office on the review status of your map.

Can I save my map and go back and edit it at a later time? Is there a back button to correct mistakes as I am creating my map?

Yes, you are able to save an existing map and edit at a later date.  There is also an undo button as well as a clear button so that users can not only go back one step in the boundary map, but also start over if they choose to do so.

I am a District Administrator, why did I not receive notification to approve my league's map?

  1. It is possible that the mail ended up in your SPAM or Junk Mail folder.
  2. Add eteamzplusspoort@active.com to your approved list to ensure emails are received.
  3. If the problem still persists, contact plussupport@active.com, for eteamzPLUS users or eteamzwebsupport@active.com to further address the issue.

I submitted my map and it says waiting for approval…how long does this take?

Provided the submitted map matches what is currently on file at the regional office, the approval process should take 2-3 weeks. Once the map is reviewed and accepted by both the District Administrator and Regional Office, the map will be posted to your league's eteamz site and the Little League League Finder.

For visual instruction on resubmitting a boundary map:

Click Here