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Frequently Asked Questions on Chartering a League

Q-1: How much does it cost to join Little League?
A: The cost of affiliating with Little League is $10 per team for all age levels in baseball and softball.
Q-2: What does my league need to do in order to join Little League?
A: There are three steps that must be completed in order to charter with Little League. First, you must complete and submit a Charter Application. You may request a charter application online on our Affiliation Information Form page.

Second, you must submit a copy of your league's constitution. Use this sample constitution as a guide.

Third, you must submit a league boundary map signed by your league president and your Little League District Administrator. A boundary map should be a physical map of your community with your league boundaries outlined and described in writing.
Q-3: Where should I send my charter application?
A: Your charter application should be sent to Little League International at:

539 US Hwy 15
PO Box 3485
Williamsport PA 17701-0485

Your boundary map and constitution should be sent to your respective regional office.
Q-4: What is the deadline for submitting a charter application?
A: Leagues should submit their charter application prior to beginning their regular season. The deadline to submit a charter application is June 1.
Q-5: How long does it take for my charter application to be approved?
A: Once the charter application, constitution, and boundary map are submitted; most applications are approved within 2 weeks.
Q-6: Are Little League programs required to carry insurance?
A: Yes. All Little League programs are required to carry both accident and general liability insurance. Both of those insurances are available at very competitive rates through the Little League program. Often leagues can save money by purchasing insurance through the Little League program.
Q-7: When will I receive my league's rulebooks?
A: Each league receives a rulebook free of charge for each team chartered. Rulebooks will be sent within one to two weeks after your league's charter is processed.
Q-8: When can my league register to participate in the Little League International Tournament?
A: Your league will receive a tournament enrollment packet several months prior to the start of the tournament. Your league may enroll in tournament at that time.
Q-9: How much does it cost to compete in the Little League International Tournament?
A: The tournament entry fee is $200. This is paid prior to entering the district tournament and covers all tournament participation through the World Series level of play. Leagues will be reimbursed for tournament travel at a rate of $1 per mile for one round trip to the tournament site for all tournament play beyond the district level for roundtrips of 150 miles or greater..