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Hitting Drills

Volume 3, No. 6  

   November  2008


Hitting Drills
By Jamie Joy, Manager of Operations

How many times have you seen a practice with one kid hitting and the rest of the team picking dandelions? I have seen this happen too many times. I am going to present you with some options that will have the entire team involved rather then just one player. Now you can implement a number of different hitting drills but for this example I decided to use the following five drills. Tee drill, bunting drill, cage, live hitting and whiffle balls. With these five stations you can save time and get more repletion’s for each player rather than one.

Tee Drill: With this drill have one adult spotter and two players. The adult will place the balls on the tee and allow each player to hit 10-15 balls. By doing this drill players will become more proficient swingers. To make the drill more difficult have the adult name a field ( Left field ) and have the player try and hit to the named field. While one player hits the other stands far enough away and practices their swing. All players pick up the balls and switch places.

Bunt station: At this station there will be one adult (pitcher) and three players. Two players will be bunters and one will be a fielder collecting bunts and putting the balls in the bucket for the adult. Each player will bunt 10 balls then rotate to the next spot in this station. The fielder will become bunter one, bunter one will become bunter two and bunter two will now field. This station is complete when all three players have bunted 20 balls. To make this drill more challenging have players bunt down the 1st and 3rd base lines.

Whiffle ball drill: This is a great drill that allows more repetitions in a live setting. This station requires one adult and four players. At this station the adult will pitch to two hitters and the other two players will field balls. Each player will hit 10 balls and then rotate positions. Players will use their game bats for this drill. This drill can be done along the foul line or behind the back stop.

Cage: For this station you will need an adult and two players. Each player will hit ten balls and bunt two balls at this station. Once the first player is finished both players will pick up the balls and repeat this step when the second player has finished.

Live hitting on the field: With this drill you will need an adult pitcher and three players. For this station you will need one player hitting and two players fielding balls. The pitcher will throw from behind an L screen and pitch live batting practice to the hitter. Each player will hit 6-10 live pitches. Players in the field will gather hit balls and place in a bucket.

These are just a few drills that will allow your practice to run smoother and at the same time get more players involved. It is encouraged to have players run from station to station when told to rotate.

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