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Technology Tips

Greater Efficiency at Your Fingertips

Discover the efficiency technology can provide to the everyday running of your league with automated online registration and fee collection, easy administration management, and seamless communication with everyone involved in your league. It’s easy with tools that increase efficiencies, reduce volunteer hours and more, and it’s all at your fingertips with Active Network®, Sports, the "Official Online Community of Little League Baseball and Softball" since 1999.

Trusted by more than 2000 little leagues, it offers interactive websites, secure, electronic submission of critical league information to Little League Headquarters plus a host of other tools, and it comes with free, unlimited tech support for you and your constituents. Check out the topics below, where you’ll find just what you need to tackle each season with ease. Simply click on the subject of your choice below to see more information or visit Active Network now and get started on your best season ever.

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Membership Drive & Registration Materials

Online registration is extremely useful to leagues and parents. By bringing registration online, leagues can eliminate money handling and clerical errors, as well as automate data inputting which reduces volunteer and administrative hours. Leagues who are tentative about switching completely to online registration may consider offering online registration in tandem with a schedule of in-person registration events or having a laptop station with wireless internet access at an in-person registration.

Click here to learn more about online registration services.

Volunteer Recruitment & Management

Volunteer recruitment can be integrated into a league's online tools. For example you can integrate volunteer sign-ups into your league's online registration process, providing families the opportunity to participate more fully in their children's activities with specific details of volunteer positions available and a direct opportunity to sign up. Once they've volunteered, you can use online tools, such as website posts, emails and other timesaving tools to communicate with the group of volunteers.

See below for an example of volunteer communication capabilities built into the online registration tool offered by Active Network.

Volunteer Recruitment & Management
Fundraising Ideas

An additional fundraising tool can be created as part of your online registration process, where families simply click to add a donation when it's time to pay fees or agree to participate in the chosen league fundraiser. Since many leagues may also elect to have a fundraising fee, this could also be included as part of the online registration process. It's a user friendly, safe and secure option to increase donations to your league.

A donation opportunity can also be built into the league's web site. See an example below of fundraising tools offered by Active Network.

11_753 - Fundraising Ideas
Appointments of Managers, Coaches, & Umpires

Once you've determined what volunteer positions your league needs to fill and who will assume those positions, you can easily track and manage volunteer assignments online through Active's LeagueOne roster management tool for online registration. Administrators can store volunteer information in one place, assign roles to volunteers, and create email groups as needed. This makes communication between all parties exceptionally efficient, while giving you a central database of information and eliminating piles of paperwork.

Scheduling Games

One thing that can make scheduling easier is to automate the process with league management software. Tools like Active's LeagueOne Software team assignments and automated game scheduler provide efficient ways to schedule games and other special events such as Opening Day and fundraisers. Customize game time and dates, field availability, team restrictions/blackout dates, double header options and more. It's a user-friendly solution that will eliminate paperwork and errors, keep track of an entire season's schedule, and allow you to easily download rosters, game schedules and volunteer reports.

Requesting Waivers

With waiver forms available on the Little League® website, as well as on the ASAP Safety Manual and League Supplies CDs, it makes sense to automate handling this critical task on your end. This can be done with fully customizable software that allows for online document tracking and volunteer management. Assign only those volunteers that have passed your back-ground check process. Other functions, from registration to team assignment, are included, all of which ease the workload of league officers.

See examples of this customizable document management tool built into the league management software solution offered by Active Network.

Requesting Waivers
Team Rosters

Maintaining accurate, up-to-date rosters for submission to Little League International is crucial to a successful league. League management software includes data management and reports in formats acceptable to Little League International as well as scheduling, team placement, registration and additional online tools such as email tools and league and team websites for seamless interfacing with everyone involved.

Injured Player, Player Release, Discipline & Ejections – Medical/Release Documentation & Tracking

The collection of medical information and release forms, can be easily tracked and managed at any time as part of the online registration process with league management software. By collecting this information upfront, you can be sure you have the player information you need, all of it immediately accessible. This also ensures parents are aware of regulations and needs at the time of registration. And, should a player get injured, forms would be online, minimizing delays in insurance claim processing.

Release Documentation and Tracking
Determine League Age – Automated Age Determination & Placement

Integrated tools determine league age and fees at the time of registration. Create divisions and teams for easy roster management within the same online system once players register. You can then utilize spreadsheets generated from online registration to hold one player age documentation verification event before tryouts.

See examples of Little League league-age calculator and the league placement tool built into the online registration tool offered by Active Network.

Team and League Websites

A good website has proven to drive fan excitement, while helping organizers keep parents and players up to date. eteamz offers a free, do-it-yourself website design program that is easy for anyone to pick up and use. You can choose from dozens of website templates and customize your site from there. Improve communication with message boards and built-in email tools, create schedules and even collect fees online, fundraise and more. eteamz is the official website provider of Little League® Baseball and Softball. Take advantage of the Little League® Newsfeed feature which keeps your membership up to date on news from Little League International.

Live Scorekeeping and Stat Management

Get free live score and play-by-play updates with the Little League Scorekeeping App, licensed by GameChanger. During games, your scorekeepers can record all action on the scorekeeper mobile app. As each play is easily recorded, the app sends live pitch-by-pitch updates to the Internet, allowing parents and other fans to follow the action online or on their mobile phones. After the game, you can view stat spray charts and game stories. The Little League Scorekeeping App can be used independently or can be integrated to post live scores and plays instantly on your eteamz PLUS website.

League Management and Websites

Want to learn more about saving time with your league registrations and website? Click the links below to find out the latest from ACTIVE, our Official Online Management Partner.

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