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Challenger Baseball CD

The Challenger Baseball Song and Other Hits CD is a great and fun opportunity for Challenger leagues, divisions, coaches and parents to raise money for uniforms, officials, field rentals and other necessities to help make your organization’s season a success. Why is this a great fundraising vehicle?

  • Little League Endorsed, beautifully packaged CD by award winning band
  • A toe-tapping anthem for everyone involved in Challenger Baseball
  • A way to share with others information about Challenger and the kids who play

Conceived of by Tony Chironno, a Challenger Baseball director, manager and parent and put to music by award winning band Ben Rudnick & Friends, the Challenger Baseball Song captures the excitement and pride shared by thousands of young people in the Challenger Baseball program. In addition to “The Challenger Baseball Song,” Ben Rudnick and Friends have added five of their best-loved songs to make this a CD the whole family will enjoy together. Why did Ben Rudnick and Friends get involved? Because Ben and Tony have been friends for twenty years, Ben loves baseball and is thrilled to help Tony with this great cause.

How does it work?
The CD is for sale by Ben Rudnick and Friends through phone orders or via the band’s website. Cost per CD, when purchased in bulk (10 or more), is $4. Shipping is FREE. The suggested resale value of the disc is $10. At the suggested resale value, each CD sold nets you $6. Sell 10 CDs and you just made $60! The $4.00 that Ben Rudnick and Friends receive covers the cost of making and manufacturing the CDs. Once the band’s costs are covered ALL of the proceeds will be donated back to Challenger Baseball.

Once I get the CDs, then what?
Besides being a “good cause,” the CD features great music! Ben Rudnick and Friends have won four Parents’ Choice Awards (and countless other awards) for their recordings. Having the recording playing on a boom box and for sale at a table during a Challenger game is a sure-fire way to attract attention and create awareness about the fundraising event.

Another way to sell the CD is to have a Challenger parent be the point person for CD distribution. Create awareness via emails or announcements at games and functions.

Use established Challenger sponsors for selling the CD: If a local sponsor has a store, getting counter space for the disc near the checkout line is an easy way to go. The sponsor is already a Challenger friend and is likely to be happy to help in any way they can. Local radio stations can help to. Just provide the station with a CD and a list of sponsors selling the song. Get the station to play the song and mention the sponsors!

Other possibilities for CD sales include teaming up with local minor league baseball teams. Arrange to have the song played between innings and have a table where the CDs can be purchased.

Challenger Baseball is a great activity! The Challenger Baseball Song and CD celebrate the players and people who make it work. Many people realize this and are eager to help. The CD is a bridge to those people and a great way to spread awareness about Challenger Baseball.

Get Going!
Ben and his buddies met many players and coaches when they played the Challenger World Jamboree in Norfolk, VA in May 2007 and are eager to help. If you have any questions, contact Ben (ben@benrudnick.com or 781-643-5137).

Order CDs!
The Challenger Baseball Song and Other Hits CD can be ordered via the special Challenger page on the Ben Rudnick and Friends website. It’s easy to indicate how many CDs you would like to have shipped to you. Shipping is free and credit cards are processed by PAYPAL®.


If you would like to order by phone, call Ben at 781-643-5137. Check and money order payments are accepted for phone orders.

For CDs left over after your fundraising event, provided you ship the CDs back in brand-new and still wrapped condition, you will be reimbursed the cost of each returned CD.