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Spring: Any advice on filling out the Tournament Affidavit?

This question asked by: Many volunteers.

Like all forms, a well-run local Little League fills out the Tournament Affidavit completely. The president and player agent verify and are responsible for the residences and ages being correct on the form.

The District Administrator at a well-run district verifies and is responsible for the players’ ages being correct and that, at a minimum, all players of the district championship team meet the residence requirement BEFORE the team is sent to the next level.

The maximum players allowed on the affidavit should be named to the roster. Keeping the number to less than the maximum serves only to deny this special experience to children of the community. (The minimum number of players allowed is nine for all divisions.)

If there is a vacancy, individuals may be added to the affidavit at any time during the Tournament, but must undergo the same verification process for age and residence as all other Tournament players.

Replacement of players begins with drawing a line through the replaced player’s name or an “x” over that player’s entry. That player can no longer re-join the team from that point. Then, complete a block for a replacement player. Note the corresponding player number.

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