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Fall: Review Constitution

If a Little League wants to change its Constitution, it will need to follow the proper procedure for amending it. (Model Constitution, Article XII)

If your league’s Constitution cannot be located, you can call your Regional Headquarters for a copy.

All changes must be approved by the league Membership, not the Board, and by Regional Headquarters, in writing, before the changes can be put into effect.

Here is the recommended process for changing/revising a league Constitution:

  1. The Board reviews the current Constitution and determines if changes are warranted.  For Constitutions based on the LL Model Constitution the current League Constitution should be reviewed against the current LL Model Constitution to ensure consistency (eg: LL increased the number of required officers from six to seven, does the league constitution require seven officers?).
  2. If the Board determines changes are needed, the proposed changes are forwarded to the Regional Office for review and approval.  This is done in advance of the Membership Meeting so that if the changes are subsequently approved by the Membership they can become effective immediately.  If approval of the Region is not obtained prior to the meeting then the changes proposed by the Board and approved by the Membership could be rejected by the Region resulting in issues/problems.
  3. If the changes proposed by the Board and approved by the Region are change/revised by the Membership during the meeting, then the changes/revisions require approval by the Region PRIOR to implementation.

The Constitution, as well as any league document of a general nature (eg: By-Laws/Local Rules/Ground Rules) must be made available by the local league to any Member upon request. Leagues should keep copies handy for review/inspection at all times. Members should be asked to pay a nominal fee for their own copies.

A database of all of these Operations Tips can be found here: http://www.littleleague.org/leagueofficers/Tips_Successful_League/2010-2011.htm

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