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Fall: Notice of Election

Many leagues tend to rest in the fall. Since most people associate baseball and softball with spring and summer, interest in the local league naturally wanes when the weather gets cooler.

But fall can set the tone for the entire coming season.

The groundwork for the success (or lack of it) of a season can often be found in how well (or how poorly) the league conducts its operations during this time of year. The keys, as with much of Little League, are proper communication and application of Rules, Regulations and Policies.

Over the next several weeks, we’ll post great ideas for fall activities that can help the coming season run smoothly.

The first of these tips is to properly notify all adult members of the league that the election is coming up.

Little League’s Model Constitution, recommended for adoption by local leagues, is the best source of information on the election. This constitution was written with the specific purpose of giving a local league a document that conforms to Robert’s Rules of Order, State Laws, Federal Laws and Little League Rules, Regulations and Policies.
At well-run Little Leagues, written notice of the election (Annual Meeting) is delivered to all Regular Members in good standing, at least 10 days before the election. The process is by mail, unless an alternate process has been approved by the membership (not the board) in advance of the Annual Meeting. A sample letter from is included in the publication “A Year in the Life of Hometown Little League.”
The notice includes the date, time and place of the Annual Meeting. (See Model Constitution, Article V, Section 6.)

A database of all of these Operations Tips can be found here: http://www.littleleague.org/leagueofficers/Tips_Successful_League/2010-2011.htm

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