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Annual Evaluation

Positive Coaching Alliance/Little League Leadership Pages: Annual Evaluation

Sometimes just telling people that you are going to evaluate them against certain criteria ensures they will strive to meet those criteria. As a Little League Leader, it is important that you evaluate coaches and your overall organizational health at least annually.

Evaluating Coaches
This task falls naturally to your Coaching Coordinator, who must be tenacious in overcoming the inevitable impediments to getting useful data for an evaluation. Make sure the Coaching Coordinator distributes evaluation forms out to every parent and player and then follows up to ensure the completion and return of all evaluation forms.

Key steps:

1. Decide how you want coaches to behave, using the principles of Little League Double-Goal Coaching.

2. Before the season starts, give coaches the "Little League Double-Goal Coach Job Description," conveying what you expect from them in specific action terms.

3. Tell coaches that parents and players will evaluate their coaches in surveys at the end of the season, assessing how well each coach met expectations.

4. Survey parents and players as promised. Give out survey forms toward the end of the season but before the final week.

5. Tabulate survey responses and send a letter to each coach identifying how his/her players and parents rated him/her against the expectations.

6. Use the results of the survey to honor the highest-ranking coaches with a Little League Double-Goal Coach Award.

Evaluating the Organization

You can use steps similar to those for evaluating coaches:

1. Define your organization's major goals, using your mission statement as a guide.

2. Write and widely distribute to all parents, coaches, players and umpires a one-page document listing these goals and telling people you will survey them at the end of the year to see how well the organization did.

3. Conduct surveys as promised, tabulate responses, write and distribute widely a report summarizing survey results and steps the board of directors will take to ensure progress toward achieving the desired culture for your league.

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