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Bylaws, Local Rules & Ground Rules

Each local Little League Board of directors should adopt its own bylaws, local rules or ground rules (the terms are interchangeable.) This document or documents expire annually at the end of the fiscal year and must be renewed annually. They normally include the local board’s procedures for selection of Tournament Teams (All Stars), specific ground rules for various divisions (such as whether or not the 10-run rule will be used), etc.

Because each local Little League board of directors should have authority to change these types of procedures, they require only board consent, without the general membership’s approval. No part of the bylaws, local rules or ground rules can conflict with or supercede any Little League rule, regulation or policy.

The bylaws, local rules or ground rules are to be distinguished from the local Little League’s Constitution. The Constitution spells out the duties and responsibilities of the officers of the board, definition of membership, election procedures, meeting requirements such as quorum, etc. The local Little League board of directors must make a copy of the bylaws, local rules or ground rules available to any member of the local Little League for review and inspection if requested.


 "A Year in the Life of Hometown Little League" - includes a sample list of local rules and ground rules.