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Tournament Affidavits:

All local leagues making the decision to enter teams into the 2017 Little League® International Tournament will do so by completing a Tournament Affidavit for each team, and the Tournament Verification forms for all rostered players.

There are three ways to complete the 2017 Eligibility Affidavits:

(1) Automated tournament eligibility affidavits can be prepared using the League Finder. A step-by-step tutorial has been created to provide the necessary instructions. This resource automatically plots players on league boundary maps and creates a completed, ready-to-print affidavit, which only requires the appropriate signatures.

Little League is strongly encouraging all leagues and districts to use this system. As you’re reviewing the affidavits this year, please familiarize yourself with the entire affidavit process, so that you’ll be able to answer questions from your leagues.

(2) Tournament Eligibility Affidavit(s) are available through the Little League International Tournament Toolkit. These versions allow you to both fill out the affidavit online and print the completed form, or

(3) Print a blank Eligibility Affidavit and complete it by hand. Note that the baseball affidavit and the softball affidavit are two separate documents.

All leagues participating in tournament play must enroll by June 15. For more information on tournament enrollment, visit the Little League International Tournament Toolkit. Remind all leagues NOT chartering tournament teams that they must indicate their intentions through the Tournament Enrollment Form.

D.A. Action: Continue working to resolve ALL overlaps among leagues in your district and neighboring districts, if applicable. Option 1 (online automated affidavits) will not be available to your leagues if there is anything pending to be resolved. If this is the case with any of the leagues in your district, contact your regional office.

D.A. Action: Collect league records in your district files. Contact your leagues to determine which part of the overlapping areas belong to the respective league. Contact your regional office to get assistance on resolving map overlaps.

D.A. Strategy: Become familiar with Tournament Resources Toolkit on LittleLeague.org and call for a meeting with all of your local league officials to review its tournament content in its entirety.

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Tournament Enrollment:

Tournament Enrollment: It is important to confirm that all leagues entered into your District Tournament have enrolled in tournament play through the Little League Data Center. All leagues that have not enrolled in tournament play are not eligible to participate in any level of the Little League International Tournament.

Little League® International Tournament Verification: New for 2017:

The Tournament Verification form must be completed and accompany each player on the tournament affidavit. Previous International Tournament forms can be used.

D.A. Strategy: Coordinate a meeting with local league officials in your district and include this training item in the agenda.


Each District Administrator should have finalized tournament schedules prior to the start of the tournament or June 1 - (whichever comes first). Schedules for each level (District, Section, Division, State, and Regional) must utilize Little League® International-approved single-elimination brackets, double-elimination brackets, or pool play format with a pool play tie-breaker format. Note the change to the tie breaker method in 2017. All other tournament formats must be approved by the Little League International Tournament Committee. Review the Little League International Tournament checklist for more details.

D.A. Strategy: Download the Little League Approved Double-Elimination Brackets Book.

Tournament Host:

It is important to confirm that all leagues hosting tournament games at the section level and above have an approved ASAP Plan for the current season. Also, be diligent in your preparation, and assist all hosts sites in their efforts to be ready for games, beginning with the District Tournament.

Background Checks:

Make sure each league is compliant with Little League’s background check regulations before you sign any tournament documents. New 2017 regulations mandate using First Advantage for national criminal background checks unless your league uses a criminal records provider that is comparable to First Advantage with a minimum of 281 million records. Also be aware of any additional requirements within your state or a state in which your leagues may advance.

The regulations require background checks be done on additional practice coaches, umpires, board members, team parents who help with various duties, and any other person, volunteer, or hired workers, who provide regular service and/or have repetitive access to, or contact with players, or teams. With all of these additional individuals who must be checked, above the one manager and two coaches, Little League International estimates that each league should be conducting an average of six (6) checks per team.

Tournament Toolkit:

For all of your updated Tournament Resources visit the Little League International Tournament Toolkit. Some of the resources you will find include updated tournament rules, baseball and softball affidavits, player verification requirements and a tournament FAQ.

Tournament Technology:

Thousands of Little League® Baseball and Softball teams rely on GameChanger for an enhanced team experience. Leagues, tournaments, and teams can use the award-winning GameChanger software for free. Learn more about the Little League® mobile device applications and how you can use them to score and stream live plays and stats or for all of your district tournament games.

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Tournament Video FAQs:

In the event that a protest is lodged during a game in the 2017 Little League® International Tournament, instruct the game manager to follow the protocol explained by Central Region Director, Nina Johnson-Pitt. Southeastern Region Director, Jen Colvin discusses residency eligibility requirements for tournament play; and Corey Wright, Eastern Region Director reviews tournament documentation.

Important Reminders about Concussions:

Each state has some form of concussion laws regarding children. Please review Little League's concussion information and become familiar with the laws in your state.

Beware of the Weather:

Consider the weather conditions during tournament season. Regardless of where you are, weather is always a concern, so become familiar with how to prepare for the elements and advise your Tournament Directors on how to stay safe.

Order Tournament Banners:

Now is the time to order your tournament banners to ensure timely delivery. As in previous years, Little League offers custom, championship, and mini-banners, as well as custom outdoor vinyl banners. Local leagues and districts can also order other tournament material and save! Visit Little League’s online store, at: LittleLeagueStore.net.

D.A. Action: Each winning team looks forward to being presented the championship banner, be sure to have all ordered so you can present at the conclusion of the championship game.

Updated Lighting Standards:

Little League® International has updated its lighting standards for fields and facilities where local Little League programs play games and conducted local league activities.

Little League Baseball® World Series Tickets:

Ticket request forms for the 2017 Little League Baseball® World Series have been e-mailed and mailed. Please complete the form and return it to Pam Wright at Little League International by Monday, June 12. Please direct any questions to Pam Wright, at pwright@LittleLeague.org; or call 570-326-1921; extension 2222.

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D.A. Bulletin Newsletter

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