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Changes to Little League® Tournament Rules and Regulations:

Little League® International has implemented changes to its tournament rules and regulations for the 2017 season and beyond. Take some time to review these adjustments that impact tournament play and be prepared to answer questions from Assistant District Administrators and League Presidents. This includes a new rule change regarding play-calling wristbands for use in Little League Softball®.

D.A. Action: Draft a summary of the changes to be implemented this year and conduct a training session with league officials in your district. This same information is to be shared with tournament managers and coaches, as well as district game directors during separate pre-tournament meetings.

D.A. Action: Be ready for the tournament by reviewing common responsibilities and operation.

2017 Tournament Resources:

Little League® International has worked diligently to create and develop an assortment of tournament-related online tools and materials. We invite you to visit the Tournament Toolkit for access to all of these helpful tournament resources, and strongly encourage you to visit LittleLeagueU.org to experience Little League’s training and education website.

D.A. Strategy: These two websites have become the standard of operations and training in our program. You should become very familiar with their content and coordinate live training sessions open to the public willing to learn about Little League®. Use these tools as marketing resources with potential groups interested in affiliating.

2017 Tournament Mileage Reporting:

The deadline for submitting tournament mileage reports is Sept. 15. Please advise your local leagues of this form and the process for submission.

D.A. Strategy: Generate a simple spreadsheet with league name, tournament attended, and miles traveled. Keep this for your records and use it to assist your leagues in generating their mileage reports on time. It is the DA responsibility to complete and submit these forms.

Lightning Safety:

As thousands of tournament games are being played across the country, D.A.s and Tournament Directors are reminded to follow all of the Lightning Safety Guidelines found in Appendix A of the current edition of the Official Little League® Regulations, Playing Rules, and Policies. Lightning casualties can occur at any time of the year, but are most frequent in the late spring and summer thunderstorm season. Annually, about 25 million cloud-to-ground lightning strikes occur in the United States.

D.A. Action: This is the Little League standard with regard to monitoring lightning in the area. Remember to inform all your leagues to do the same, and remind all tournament game directors of the 10-mile radius, 30-minute periods policy when thunderstorms and/or lightening are expected in your area.

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Conflict Resolution:

The Little League® International Tournament is competitive, at times too much so. To remind Tournament Directors, Game Managers, League Officials, and Coaches to stay focused on the game, Little League International offers guidance on how to calm a tense situation before it gets out of hand.

D.A. Strategy: View Dr. Darrell Burnett’s video presentation on conflict resolution and review the other related resources available on Little League® University.

In-Game Protest Procedure:

Throughout the summer, members of the Little League® International Tournament Committee, and the full-time staff at your respective Regional office, are on call to discuss any protests that originate at the game site.

D.A. Action: To provide direction, ask district staff members, league officials, and team managers to watch the video presentation by Central Region Director Nina Johnson-Pitt, who discusses Tournament Game Protests: What You Need to Know.

D.A. Action: Explain what a protest is, what may be protested, and the procedure for how to lodge a protest during a game. Also, take the time to education all Game Directors on the best practices for avoiding a protest situation.

Concussion Protocol:

Before, during, or after any Little League® game, a head injury resulting in concussion is a possibility. Be prepared for this situation by increasing your awareness about the laws in your state.

D.A. Action: Review the concussion information on LittleLeague.org and share with your leagues and the game directors.

Potential New Leagues:

District Administrators (D.A.s) and assistants (A.D.A.s) receiving inquiries from potential new leagues are asked to contact Sam Ranck, League Development Manager and Director of the Challenger Division, at: 570-326-1921, ext. 2254; e-mail sranck@LittleLeague.org and/or have the league submit an online request for chartering information at: LittleLeague.org/affiliate.

D.A. Strategy: Any time you receive a new league inquiry, have a standard response email ready. Quick customer service will prove beneficial in developing a solid relationship and potentially gaining an additional league in your district. Also, prepare a .pdf or text document containing with the most crucial information about our program, so you can send that immediately to follow up.

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Little League® on Television:

In late July and through the month of August, 137 Little League Baseball® and Little League Softball® tournament games are scheduled to be televised on ABC, the ESPN family of networks, and the Longhorn Network.

The complete World Series television schedule and the day-by-day Little League Baseball World Series viewing schedule are available at LLBWS.org.

We hope you can visit one or more of these venues to see the games in person. If not, we invite you to enjoy the games on television or through the WatchESPN app and the Little League World Series website.

Beginning this year, additional Little League Baseball coverage will be available in Canada, with CBC Sports providing television coverage of the Canada Region Tournament.

D.A. Action: Encourage your leagues to share this information on social media, and use it to drive interest in early registration for next season. One of the best ways to create brand awareness of our Little League® program is for parents, coaches, volunteers, umpires, and league officials to spread the word with friends so more people watch these games. Also, use this opportunity to stay connected with your local league membership by promoting viewing parties at your local leagues and other related special events.

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D.A. Bulletin Newsletter

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