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D.A. Bulletin Newsletter

Happy New Year, and welcome to the 78th season of Little League®! We thank you for all your dedication, leadership, and support throughout last season. You and your staff impact children, families, and communities every day, and as we look ahead to 2017, and you begin meetings with your leagues, there are plenty of items and initiatives to be aware of.

Little League WS Schedule

Updates and New Information for the Little League® Rules, Regulations, and Policies:

Little League® has updated its Rules, Regulations, and Polices for the 2017 season. Please review the adjustments and become familiar with the changes and revisions to the guidelines that govern the Little League Baseball® and Little League Softball® programs.

D.A. Action: Become familiar with the updates and modifications that will be in effect for the 2017 season. Share these updates with your League Presidents during your next district meeting.

D.A. Strategy: Advise your League Presidents to review and understand the 2017 updates. Be available to provide further explanation regarding implementation, and, when necessary, seek out support from the regional office. Also remind all leagues to include this information in local league training sessions, and umpire and coaches clinics.

Access to District Status Information:

As Little League® International continues to develop online options to service its districts, a status information dashboard has been developed to provide access to background checks, player/coach data, and charter updates for the leagues in your district. This dashboard simply asks you to identify the state and district you wish to search, and information is provided in spreadsheet form.

Chartering and Insurance Reminders:

Please remind all local leagues that their 2016 Insurance coverage ended on 12/31/16. Submission of a 2017 charter application ensures that a league does not have a break in insurance coverage. It is important to note that without proper insurance coverage, a league and its officials will not be properly covered for any league activities. Liability and Accident Insurance will not be in force for the 2017 season until the league has chartered and paid their premiums in full.

D.A. Action: Send an email reminder where you reiterate this point, and letting them know that any activity conducted at this point is not covered unless they charter and pay for their insurance. Charter fees can be deferred, but the full amount of the insurance premiums must be paid.

D.A. Strategy: Remind your leagues that when they charter and pay their insurance, they can use this benefit and publicly promote, or advertise it to their constituents. Parents will get satisfaction knowing that they are registering their kids in a safe and protected environment.

Little League University

Access to Little League University Made Easier:

During the first year of Little League® University, thousands took advantage of the videos, documents, and articles available on LittleLeagueU.org. Looking forward, and to help all explore what this website has to offer, the sign-in portal has been removed. All of Little League’s training and educational resources are still free, and now just a click away. Come learn with us!

D.A. Action: Use the informational resources for District Staff members as a guide to best practices. Share this information among your District Administrators, and utilize these best practices to effectively operate your district.

D.A. Strategy: Continue to use Little League University as a training and education tool, when meeting with local league officials. If there is information that is not accounted for, or available, in the District Official or Local Official materials on Little League University, please e-mail Chris Downs, Director of Constituent Communications, at cdowns@LittleLeague.org.

2017 ASAP Information:

Information and materials to facilitate the 2017 A Safety Awareness Program (ASAP) are currently available online at the Little League website.

As Safety Officers complete the 2017 ASAP plan for their leagues, they are reminded that all safety plans MUST be submitted to Little League International electronically through the Little League Data Center; or mailed to Little League International. No email submissions will be accepted. The deadline for local league ASAP Plan submission is March 31, 2017. Mailed plans are to be send to: Little League® International (539 U.S. Route 15 Highway, Williamsport, Pa., 17701-0485) along with the 2017 Qualified Safety Program Registration form. The deadline for Districts to complete the process regarding the District monetary incentive for early local league participation is Friday, March 10.

  • Annual Background Checks: Starting in 2017, a local league within the United States must conduct a nationwide background check utilizing First Advantage or another provider that is comparable to First Advantage in accessing background check records for sex offender registry data and other criminal records. Advise your local league officials to visit the First Advantage League Registration page when the local league(s) wishes to change or update the authorization of the Board member responsible for using First Advantage to conduct the league’s required background checks. In order to make the change/update, the following information is required: league identification number, league name, User ID, user name and email address.

D.A. Action: Questions regarding about background checks, the ASAP plan upload process, or the Data Center log-in procedure, are to be directed to Jim Ferguson, Little League Assistant Director of Risk Management and Safety, at: 570-326-1921, ext. 2212; or jferguson@LittleLeague.org.

  • Game Site Selection for Tournament Play: If your district intends to host any Little League International Tournament games above the district level, by Little League® Tournament rule, the host league must have an approved ASAP plan. Also remember that ASAP plans must be implemented before the season starts in order to qualify as an approved plan for the current year.

D.A. Strategy: Figure out a local incentive for your leagues. Remember that tournaments or special games events should not be awarded to leagues without an ASAP plan.

  • Please remind all of your leagues about the critical importance of being diligent and transparent in their accounting procedures and incorporating checks and balances to protect themselves from financial problems.
  • Now is the time of year to begin completing background checks. The first 125 checks for each league have been paid for by Little League International at no charge to the league/district.
  • Leagues are encouraged to complete first aid and CPR training prior to the start of their regular season.
  • The most recent editions of the ASAP Newsletter are available online.

D.A. Strategy: Incorporate the four (4) items above in this month’s meeting and cover any questions or concerns. Set a timeline to accomplish these goals and ask league presidents to give you the name of the person who will be responsible for completing these tasks.

Tee Ball Tuesdays

Tee Ball Tuesdays:

Little League® continues to encourage the participation at the program’s youngest division. Leagues are asked to consider chartering Tee Ball, and Little League has continued to enhance its training and educational offerings, including the introduction of Tee Ball Tuesdays.

Local League Resource Guide:

Please encourage your leagues to take advantage of the information and direction provided in the 2017 Local League Resource Guide. The Little League® University website also has this information available on the League Officials tab.

D.A. Action: Coordinate a training session with the Marketing & Public Relations officers of the leagues in your district to go over the toolkit both physically and online. Make sure the room has audio/video capabilities and has Internet readily available. (Ask each league to name its Marketing & PR officer if they do not currently have one.)

Little League® to Celebrate National Girls and Women in Sports Day:

As part of a nationwide celebration of National Girls and Women in Sports Day (#NGWSD) on February 1, Little League Baseball and Softball will be launching a month-long campaign to honor and celebrate the dedicated girls and women throughout the Little League program. As part of this year’s NGWSD theme of “Expanding Opportunity,” we are asking you to share with Little League what your local leagues are doing to help expand opportunity for young girls to play baseball and softball. Share your stories at media@littleleague.org.

The Most Memorable Little League® Moments from 2016:

The past year was an exciting one for the Little League Baseball and Softball Programs around the world. We invite you to enjoy the sights and sounds of 2016 in this video review of the year that was.

2017 Bat Standards

D.A. Bulletin Newsletter

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