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Little League Resource Guide

2016-17 Local League Resource Guide:

The 2017 Local League Resource Guide (formerly the Chartering and Marketing Toolkit) is ready to go! District Administrators will receive an advanced copy of this year’s Resource Guide by early November. Leagues will receive the Resource Guide after its league officers are updated or confirmed for the 2017 season through the Little League Data Center. A Local League Resource Guide will NOT be sent to a league until confirmation has been received by Little League International that all league officers have been updated. For online access to the Resource Guide, visit the “League Officials” tab on the Little League University website: LittleLeagueU.org.

D.A. Action: To ensure delivery to the appropriate members in your local leagues, log on to the Little League Data Center to confirm that the League President information has been updated for all leagues in your district.

D.A. Action: Send notice of a special district meeting that includes your League Presidents and other league officials to go over the Local League Resource Guide. The 2017 Local League Resource Guide is a resource that all members of your District Staff should review.

New! Little League International Partners with Blue Sombrero

Little League® International is excited to announce that it has partnered with Blue Sombrero, a leading provider of websites, registration, and league management tools for youth sports organizations, to become our Official Partner in providing technology services for our local leagues and districts. Beginning immediately, the leagues in your district will be able to take full advantage of this great new partnership, which includes free resources to create and maintain your league or district website, hold online registrations, and take advantage of other technology offerings through Blue Sombrero.

D.A. Action: As Little League continues to provide more online, on-demand resources, share this information with your local leagues. This partnership will provide online solutions to connect directly with the Little League Data Center to automatically upload player registration data (and fulfill the ASAP requirement) and help local league with their operations.

Tee Ball & Coach Pitch

The Little League® Tee Ball and Coach Pitch Program are Great Tools for Recruiting Coaches

The free, 10-week Little League® Tee Ball Program is designed to provide a great experience to participants by focusing on fun, fitness, and fundamentals. The program also gives a first-year or returning Tee Ball coach everything needed to conduct a successful season. The Tee Ball Quick Start Guide is also available, and leagues are encouraged to include these tips into the operation of their program. The Coach Pitch Program continues the Little League experience into the next level of the program. Included in both of these free programs are detailed practice plans, basic drills and activities designed for Tee Ball players 4-to-6 years old; and Coach Pitch players 7-to-9 years old. Practice schedules and timings, videos demonstrating skills and drills covered in the programs, and Positive Coaching Alliance tips for each week of the program. Districts are encouraged to share this program with all leagues and encourage them to implement it for 2017.

D.A. Action: Click on the two following links Little League® Tee Ball Program | Coach Pitch Program in order to download the information and share with all your leagues.

D.A. Strategy: Identify leagues in your district that are struggling to bring in new players. Ask your League Presidents to introduce a pilot program in Tee Ball and Coach Pitch divisions where the entire division plays their season utilizing the curriculum for each division.

D.A. Action: Before the season begins, ask your League Presidents to allow you and a member of your district staff to have a meeting during the registration period, with parents in these divisions. You will then have an opportunity to present the programs to them on an informative basis.


Use Little League® University as a Training Tool

Fall is the time to plan training and education seminars for your leagues. You are invited and encouraged to use the content currently available in the District Admin/A.D.A tab on the Little League University website to organize training, and promote information sharing with local league officials. If you wish to suggest a resource, or piece of information that is not currently found on LLU, please submit those ideas via e-mail to Chris Downs, at: cdowns@LittleLeague.org.

D.A. Action: Budgets, transparency, and fiscal responsibility are critical for financial viability of a league or district. Visit the District Administrator Training Presentations and focus your attention on the Knowing Your District’s Finances presentation in order to download the information and discuss with all your leagues. During your next District meeting, use this information to reinforce the importance of financial oversight and responsibility.

Little League® to Adopt New USA Baseball Bat Standard:

Little League Baseball® is adopting a new bat standard that will take effect on January 1, 2018. All national members of USA Baseball, including Little League®, are being encouraged to adopt this new standard, which was developed by a USA Baseball committee of scientific experts. Little League-approved bats can be used through December 31, 2017, but will not be permitted for any Little League practices or games beginning January 1, 2018, and the current bat regulations will be in effect until then. That includes the moratorium prohibiting the use of all 2 ¼ inch barrel baseball bats constructed with composite material in the barrel, unless approved.

D.A. Action: Be sure to remind your leagues that the new bat standard is coming for 2018, and that the current bat rules remain in place for the current season. Any bat approved for 2017, will not be permitted to be used in 2018, even if the bat was purchased new with the coming calendar year.

Plan Training Using the Little League® Calendar

Each month, Little League® International lists upcoming training and education clinics on is electronic calendar available online at LittleLeague.org. Other information and events of note for the month can be reviewed by visiting the LittleLeague.org home page and clicking on “Things to Know.”

Little League® Newsletters and the Google Translator

Each month, the Little League® Communications Department produces electronic newsletters for District Administrators, coaches and managers, local league officials, and parents. Every other month, a newsletter is delivered to umpires; and several times during the year, Little League’s Risk Management Department partners with Musco Lighting Company to print and deliver the ASAP (A Safety Awareness Program) newsletter. The monthly and ASAP newsletters are available on the Little League website. To receive any, or all, of the newsletter just sign up. The Google translator feature on the top of the LittleLeague.org home page lets anyone enjoy the newsletters in a variety of languages.

D.A. Action: Require that, at minimum, each of your League Presidents’ sign up for the newsletters. Communication with league officials is essential to Little League success.

D.A. Strategy: For communities in your district that predominantly speak a language other than English, assign a person on your staff or create a special position for a person to establish a proper communication channel to share the already translated newsletters with them.

D.A. Action: Upload the content of these newsletters in your district website. Arrange the information by topics so your league officials and other volunteers or parents can easily access the information.

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D.A. Bulletin Newsletter

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