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Little League Rule Changes

Changes to Little League® Rules and Regulations:

Little League® International has implemented some changes to its rules and regulations for the 2016 season and beyond. Take some time to review these adjustments that impact both regular season and tournament play.

D.A. Action: Draft a summary of the changes to be implemented this year and conduct a training session with league officials in your district.

Little League Tournament Toolkit

2016 Tournament Enrollment and Mandatory Background Check Verification Form:

Local leagues must log onto the Little League® Data Center to enroll in the 2016 Little League International Tournament by completing the participation form. Online is the only way a league will be able to enroll in this year’s tournament. This form must be completed, whether your leagues intend to participate in tournament play, or not. The form must be submitted to Little League International to avoid having league(s) placed on hold for the 2016 season. All 2016 tournament resources are available online through the Tournament Toolkit website.

D.A. Action: Print a participation form for training purposes and make any notes you deem necessary. Be ready to answer any questions that may arise. Remind each League President that they must fill this form out regardless of actual enrollment in tournament.

D.A. Action: Call for a meeting to go over the online Tournament Toolkit.

Tournament Banners:

Now is the time to order your tournament banners to ensure timely delivery. As in previous years, Little League offers custom, championship, and mini-banners, as well as custom outdoor vinyl banners.

D.A. Strategy: Also consider ordering banners as part of your district’s marketing plan. Banners can be used to promote your tournament(s) and other Little League-related events throughout your area.

League Fees Paid by Credit Card:

All team revisions and fees for charter insurance are due no later than June 1, 2016. If a league wishes to pay by credit card, it is recommended that it do so through the Little League® Data Center. Otherwise, contact Little League International, at: 570-326-1921, and ask for the Finance Department. A convenience fee will be added to the league’s balance for processing the card.

Little League® International Tournament Logo:

The 2016 Little League® International Tournament Logo is now available to local leagues and districts. This logo can be used for activities revolving around the international tournament season, including program publication, schedules, scoreboards, or posters/banners utilized for tournament events. In order for a league or district to receive the logo, contact Eric Hill in the Little League Licensing Department to complete a single-use agreement. Little League's registered marks, logos, names and characters can assist your league with drawing attention and interest from members of the community. However, it is important to remember that local leagues cannot enter into agreements allowing the usage of Little League’s name or trademarks without first consulting with Little League International.

D.A. Action: Plan to email Eric Hill and request a “District Single-Use Agreement.” Fill out the agreement and submit your logo request to Mr. Hill.

D.A. Strategy: Place the requested logo in all your tournament literature and promotional fliers, posters, or banners. Maintain a standardized and professional image which will bring high quality and exposure to your event.

Little League Player Eligibility

Eligibility Waiver Deadline:

All waiver requests (for the league, team, player, manager, and/or coach) of any kind must be processed by the district and respective regional offices, and acted upon by the Little League® International Charter Committee in South Williamsport, Pa., no later than June 1, 2016, and prior to said player participating in the local Little League program.

D.A. Action: Separate waiver requests meant to be submitted prior to the draft or first game of the regular season, from those that could be submitted during the season or prior to tournament play. (Example: Player eligibility waiver requests should be submitted prior to, or during, the registration period.)

D.A. Strategy: Submitting requests past the appropriate time greatly minimizes the likelihood of the request being approved. All submissions should be made with enough time to ensure leagues can provide good customer service to its parents and players.

Player and Coach/Manager Registration Information:

District Administrators and staff members are strongly encouraged to instruct their local leagues to submit regular-season player registration/roster information and coach/manager data LLU through the Little League Data Center in accordance with the ASAP regulation No. 14.

2016 ASAP Information for Hosting Tournaments:

Tournament rules require that the host of a section, division, region, or World Series tournament have an approved A Safety Awareness Program (ASAP) safety plan. ALL safety plans must be submitted with the Qualified Safety Plan Registration form, which is Requirement #15. A league’s safety plan WILL NOT be shown as approved without the form stating who is submitting it, and where the 15 minimum requirements can be found in the league(s) plan. Also, check the Little League Data Center to confirm the leagues that have completed all of the required background checks through the First Advantage background check tool. REMINDER: Little League International strongly recommends that district tournament sites have an approved ASAP plan as well.

D.A. Action: Determine what your district’s policy will be with regard to this item, and communicate this information to all your leagues in a timely fashion.

D.A. Action: Generate an ASAP report and share with all of your leagues in order to promote transparency. This should help your efforts in assigning tournament hosts.

2016 Little League Baseball® World Series Tickets:

All of the 2016 Little League Baseball World Series D.A. Ticket requests must be submitted online. The deadline to submit your 2016 LLBWS Ticket request is Friday, June 10. Please e-mail any questions to Pam Wright, Little League International’s Ticket Manager; or call 570-326-1921; extension 2222.

2016 Little League® Awards Program:

June 1 is the deadline for nominations for the 2016 Little League Awards Program. Information on the respective awards, nomination forms, and highlights of past recipients is available. Send your completed nomination forms directly to Little League International in South Williamsport, Pa. If you have any questions regarding the awards, please, e-mail Scott Rosenberg, Little League Director of Public Relations or call 570-326-1921; extension 2235.

Little League University

LLU Materials for D.A.s:

Little League University regularly features new content for District Administrators and staff. New this month is information on 13 Best Practices for Every League, Essential Marketing for District and Leagues, and Interleague Play.

D.A. Action: Register on LLU to download these articles and distribute to your district staff and league officials. Encourage each person to create an account with LLU.

Little League University - Registrer Now

D.A. Bulletin Newsletter

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