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Mapping League Boundaries Using New League Finder:

Located on the home page, the new League Finder identifies a home or school address on a virtual map. District Staffs are expected to review the electronic maps for the leagues in their district by April 1. Be aware that individuals using the League Finder may be contacting League Presidents in your district. Provisions are also in place for instances where residential or school addresses are not within the territory of a Little League program.

D.A. Action: Visit the Little League website to review the maps uploaded to the system. Contact your regional office if any maps are missing. Make the appropriate notes on the system and once finalized, click on the “Complete District Review” button located at the top right of the screen. This must be completed by April 1.

D.A. Action: If you identify any overlaps, make a note on the system. This should not prevent you from completing the review process. It is, in fact, part of the process. You can still click on the “Complete District Review” button and then resolve any overlaps.

D.A. Strategy: Create PDF files of the boundary maps uploaded, showing the identified overlaps so you can resolve these with the leagues in your district and neighboring District Administrators.

D.A. Strategy: Have physical copies of all of the maps readily available, as well as historical information on expansion or reduction of boundaries. This will help you determine which changes where the first to occur.

ASAP Online Video

ASAP Online Submission:

Through the Little League® Data Center, any local league or district can choose to upload its 2016 ASAP (A Safety Awareness Program) safety plan; and access and update their Facility Survey (ASAP Requirement #8). Email submissions will not be accepted, however, leagues and districts may still mail their safety plans to Little League International. Here’s how to submit an ASAP plan electronically.

D.A. Action: Send an email to your leagues, specifically covering this topic and the importance of submitting an ASAP plan.

D.A. Action: Ask your district Safety Officer to become proficient in the operation of this tool. Schedule training with the Safety Officers of each league. Contact Jim Ferguson or Brent Stahlnecker at Little League International, if you have any questions.

D.A. Strategy: Establish an agreement to assign local events and tournaments to only those leagues compliant with this requirement. Address this item during your March district meeting.

ASAP Plan Deadline is March 11 for D.A.s:

ASAP plans MUST be received and approved on or before March 11 to receive the district incentive. Any leagues that want to host tournaments above the district level (Section, State, Division, Region, or World Series) must have an ASAP plan that Little League International approves prior to the D.A. or Tournament Director assigning host leagues and fields. Leagues can still submit plans for consideration after the April 1 deadline; however, they will not be eligible for the awards program. All 14 requirements must be met including submitting coaches, managers, and player registration data electronically through the Little League Data Center. Click here for more information.

Little League® Grant Program Assists Local Leagues:

The Little League® Grant Program offers opportunities for all chartered leagues to apply for a league enhancement grant. Additionally, grants to support the Challenger Division, Urban Initiative, and Softball Division are also available. All grants will be reviewed and processed by a committee made up of Little League employees and International Board members. Please share with your leagues.

D.A. Action: Download the Little League Grant Program application and provide a copy to each league’s Fundraising Officer.

D.A. Strategy: Make this topic an agenda item at your next district meeting. Define the goals to be achieved by each one of your leagues.

Little League Rulebooks

New for 2016 – Little League eRulebooks:

Starting in 2016, Little League Official Rulebooks will now be available in eBook format. Individual eBooks for Little League Baseball®, Little League Softball®, and Little League Challenger Division® are currently available on the following platforms: Amazon, Apple, Google, and Barnes and Noble. The new eBook format features each program’s complete rules, along with search functionality and a new lower price of $4.99 per book.

The Little League Rulebook App will no longer be available and individuals should discontinue using the outdated app rulebooks. Stay tuned to for when the new Little League eRulebooks will be available in your mobile bookstore.

D.A. Action: Locate the respective eBooks in the platform of your choice. For example, the iTunes Store has both the baseball and softball rulebooks available for purchase. Email this information to the League Presidents and Information Officers of the leagues in your district.

D.A. Action: Ask your district’s Information Officer to locate all the direct links to these rulebooks and post on the district website.

D.A. Strategy: Ask your district’s Information Officer to draft a summary with instructions on how to download these eBooks on different platforms and plan to distribute this information with the leagues.

FREE Little League® Coach Pitch and Tee Ball Programs:

The Little League® Tee Ball and Little League Coach Pitch programs are where children learn to love the game, make new friends, and have fun on the field. These FREE programs are currently available online for leagues and parents to download. The Tee Ball program is in its third year, and the 12-week Coach Pitch program is new this season.

D.A. Strategy: Strive to have at least one or two leagues implementing these specialized programs. Create initial surveys of expectations for the parents at the beginning of the season. Then, design a survey to determine how parents evaluate the experience at the end of the program.

D.A. Action: Share this plan with your leagues during your next Monthly district meeting.

Little League State Laws

Important Notes About New State Laws and Background Checks:

In the 2016 Little League Baseball® and Little League Softball® Rulebooks, language has been added to “Regulation I (c) 9” that is specific to the need for local leagues to review and understand the laws of their state governing background checks. Additional information on these new state laws is available on the Little League website. Per Little League® Regulation I (c) 8 and 9, a national check of the sex offender registries in all 50 states must be done on any individual in the local league program who provides regular service and/or have repetitive access to players or teams. Beginning this year, the regulation requires that all of the following persons annually submit a fully-completed “Little League Official Volunteer Application” to the local League President, prior to the applicant assuming his/her duties for the current season.

Background checks are required for the following positions: managers, coaches, practice coaches, Board of Director members, umpires and others, including equipment manager, field maintenance staff, scorekeeper(s), announcer(s), general volunteers, concession workers and team parents. There may be other positions within a league or district that provide regular service and/or have repetitive access to players or teams that meet these criteria. The Little League Official Volunteer Application must be maintained by the League President for a minimum of the duration of the applicant’s service to the league for that year. By using First Advantage, leagues have access to an annual database of 350 million individual criminal records. Little League International pays for the first 125 background checks conducted by each of its leagues. The cost after the first 125 checks is only $1 per check.

2016 Little League® Awards Program:

Please consider nominating individuals from your district or a local league for the 2016 Little League® Awards Program. By recognizing Little League members, you help demonstrate the benefits and values of volunteerism, family and sportsmanship. The nomination form for each individual award is available on our Awards page.

Register for Free to Be a Part of Little League® University:

Little League® University (LLU) Welcomes, Parents, Players, Coaches, Local League and District Officials to come in for a visit. Access to the LLU website is free, but DOES require the one-time creation of a log-in code and password in order to view the content. District Administrators who have not already registered with Little League University can so by clicking here.

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D.A. Bulletin Newsletter

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