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D.A. Bulletin - February


Mapping League Boundaries Using New League Finder: Located on the LittleLeague.org home page, the new League Finder identifies a home or school address on a virtual map. If located inside the boundaries of a currently-chartered local Little League® program, parents can contact the appropriate local league by using the message tool within the League Finder. Be aware that individuals using the League Finder may be contacting League Presidents in your district. Provisions are also in place for instances where residential or school addresses are not within the territory of a Little League program.

D.A. Action: Go to LittleLeague.org/LeagueFinder and take a few minutes to get familiarized with the new League Finder.

D.A. Action: Send an email to your leagues sharing this link and include it in your agenda for your February monthly meeting.

State-By-State Concussion, Child Abuse, and Background Check laws: Little League® International has released new information from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) with regards to concussions, and a microsite that districts can add to their own websites for up-to-date information. For districts in Connecticut and Illinois, there have been significant amendments to their Concussion state laws since the last update in June 2015, so please review with your leagues before they begin play for the 2016 season. Also, please review your state-specific laws pertaining to Child Abuse reporting and Background Checks, which have been updated and are current as of mid-December 2015.

D.A. Strategy: Coordinate a special meeting with Safety Officers of all your leagues. This event should be strictly about these three topics, and your goal will be to draft a summary sheet about the most important and applicable aspects of state law.

D.A. Action:Once drafted, share this information sheet with all league officials and parents in your district. Ask League Presidents to upload to their respective websites.


National Background Checks: Per Little League® Regulation I (c) 8 and 9, national Background checks are required for the following positions: managers, coaches, practice coaches, Board of Directors members, umpires, and others, including equipment manager, field maintenance staff, scorekeeper(s), announcer(s), general volunteers, concession workers and team parents. There may be other positions within a league or district that would fit the “repetitive access” or “regular service” criteria. As a reminder, if umpires provide service to multiple leagues in your district, then each league is responsible for conducting a separate background check.

The First Advantage National Criminal File database contains more than 350 million records which include criminal records and sex offender registry records across 49 states and the District of Columbia. Please note that the Mississippi Sex Offender registry data is no longer included in the database. As a result of Mississippi sex offender registry records data no longer being included, the First Advantage National Criminal Record File no longer meets the Little League minimum requirements of the Little League Regulations.

D.A. Action: Send an email to your leagues reminding them that in order to meet the requirements, a separate Mississippi State Sex Offender registry search must be conducted. This can be done by accessing the state website. A list of the states covered is also available.

2016 Regional Roundtables: For District Administrators (D.A.s) and Assistant District Administrators (A.D.A.s) in the Southeastern, Eastern, and Central Regions who are planning to attend the remaining Regional Roundtable meetings, can review the agenda and confirm their lodging information online. While attending your Roundtable meeting, shop the latest in District apparel. Little League staff will be on site, selling D.A. and A.D.A. polo shirts, along with caps and pins.

D.A. Action: Send an email to Scott Rosenberg, if you have any additional questions about your corresponding Roundtable event.

Little League® Patches and the Essentials Catalog: Show your Little League® pride! Order your regular-season patches through the Official Little League Online store. The 2016 Little League Essentials Supply Catalog and Buyers Guide is now available. Check out the exclusive discounts inside!

D.A. Strategy: Include this item in the agenda for your February monthly meeting with your leagues. Stress the importance of the patch from a philosophical and regulation standpoint, and go over the main marketing benefits associated with all players wearing the patch.

D.A. Action: Ask each player agent the enrollment statistics for the past three (3) years and make an estimate on how many patches to order.

2016 ASAP Information: To assist you in providing the highest possible level of safety and injury prevention, a basic sample of an accepted ASAP plan is available for your review as well as descriptions of the 15 ASAP requirements. In order for your district to receive its ASAP incentive, your district must have your leagues’ ASAP plans submitted to, and approved by, Little League® International no later than March 11.

D.A. Action: Download the accepted ASAP sample and distribute to your leagues. Copy the link and upload it to your district’s website. (Note: create a district website)

D.A. Action: Ask your District Information officer to assign a separate page or tab on your district website to exclusively contain safety information. (Note: create a district website)

Player Registration and Coach/Manager Information for 2016: Help Little League® provide coaches and volunteers with important Little League information and initiatives prior to, and during, the season by encouraging your leagues to record and catalog the players, coaches, and managers in your district. Local leagues must submit regular-season player registration/roster information and coach/manager data through the Little League Data Center by April 1, 2016. Once in the Little League Data Center, upload player registration/roster information and coach/manager data by clicking on Manage Registration Data/Rosters or Managers/Coaches then click on Upload Player/Registration Roster. Next, select the file format you are using from the dropdown menu and this will give you step-by-step instructions on how to create and upload your file.

D.A. Strategy: Coordinate a league administration district training session this month with player agents and league information officers, and ask your District Information Officer (Note: you should have an Information Officer) to go over the upload process.

Chartering and Marketing Toolkit: With many leagues currently registering players and beginning to play games, this is the time to direct leagues to the Chartering and Marketing Toolkit Resource Page. The resource page provides leagues with information on how to enhance the experience for families, and provides input for Board members throughout the season.

D.A. Action: Click on the link above and get familiarized with the site’s content. Include this item in your agenda for the February monthly district meeting.

D.A. Action: Copy this link http://www.littleleaguetoolkit.org and paste it on your district website. (Note: it’s imperative you have a district website)

This District Administrator Bulletin is sent monthly to District Administrators and Assistant District Administrators via e-mail.

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