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D.A. Bulletin Newsletter

As the 2016 Little League® International Tournament turns into August, we thank, and congratulate, you for another fantastic tournament season! The fun and excitement enjoyed during the summer is not possible without the remarkable commitment made by you, and your district staff. The Little League International Tournament Committee, along with your regional staff, and the entire staff at Little League® International, appreciates your energy, effort, and support of our program.

Little League WS Schedule

Little League® Dominates ESPN’s Summertime Airwaves:

More than 125 Little League® Baseball and Softball tournament games are scheduled to be televised live on ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN 3, and WATCH ESPN, including all 32 games of the 2016 Little League Baseball World Series and all the championship games from the eight other World Series tournaments. The Longhorn Network will also televise 11 games from the Little League Baseball Southwest Region Tournament. A listing of all tournament televised games is available on the LLWS Daily Calendar. Coverage is subject to change. Learn more about the schedules of all the Little League Baseball and Softball World Series. For all updates on the Little League World Series tournaments, and events, go to LLBWS.org and follow #LLWS on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

D.A. Staff Strategy: As the season comes to a close, take time to assess which leagues are not offering divisions of softball, teenage baseball, and the Little League Challenger Division®. In an effort to increase interest in offering these divisions for the 2017 season, call attention to the Little League International tournament games on television.

New Director of Umpire Development:

Tom Rawlings of Camp Hill, Pa., has assumed the responsibilities of Director of Umpire Development for Little League® International. Mr. Rawlings is a veteran Little League volunteer and has many years of experience as a senior instructor at the annual Little League umpire clinics and School.

Learn More About LLU

Learn More about Little League® University:

Since the launch of Little League® University nearly a year ago, Little League International has been developing and expanding the resources available on its training and education website. District Administrators and staff, players, coaches, umpires, league officials, and parents all have visited Little League® University (LLU) and found it to be rich with information and materials designed to improve the Little League experience. You and your staff have a dedicated portal of information that can be viewed for FREE by simply registering with an e-mail address.

As league meetings and training sessions are planned, you are strongly encouraged to review the articles, videos, and documents currently available on LLU, and use them to their fullest when discussing player retention, registration, and participation; or when preparing a presentation to potential new leagues and volunteers. The ever-growing catalog of training and educational items are developed to service our vast and assorted range of constituents. Visit LittleLeagueU.org to learn more!

D.A. Staff Action: Please follow-up with all leagues to confirm that each is aware of Little League University. Show a few examples of LLU at an upcoming Fall District meeting.

2017 Little League® Chartering:

The 2016 season was the first where all Little League charters were completed and submitted online. The success was overwhelming, and with the feedback and refinement of the process expected to improve the experience for 2017, any community wishing to charter with Little League® Baseball and Softball, is invited to do so via the Little League Data Center. To begin the chartering process, a league logs into the Little League Data Center, and enter its league’s ID Number. A charter application has been specifically created for each league, along with the related insurance information. All of the charter and insurance fees may also be processed online.

D.A. Staff Action: Ask leagues to notify you if they are having trouble logging on to the Data Center to complete the online charter. Explain that help will be available from Little League International, if needed.

The 2017 Chartering and Marketing Toolkit Is in the Works:

This fall, your leagues will receive the 2017 edition of the Chartering and Marketing Toolkit. As in past editions, the Toolkit will provide a variety of valuable materials to help your leagues market to prospective players, families and volunteers. This year, you can expect several of the Toolkit’s resources to be related to materials presented and available on Little League University. This fall, expect the toolkit to be delivered to you and your League Presidents on record.

Please ask all of your leagues to confirm that each has updated its league officers after the conclusion of the annual Board of Directors election. In order to receive this important information, it is imperative that the current mailing address for your League Presidents and other League Officers be on file with Little League no later than September 30, 2016. Please encourage your leagues to update their information in the Little League Data Center today.

D.A. Staff Strategy: Draft a District Plan for next season starting with your current district participating numbers: Number of leagues, Total number of teams, etc. Then follow it by developing goals for the district in 2017 — Increase the number of leagues offering, Tee Ball, Coach Pitch, softball, etc. - Define what resources you need to accomplish you goal —Finally, establish a timeline for different tasks needed and assign district staff members that will be held responsible for executing these tasks.

Fall Ball Season

Fall Ball and Training/Development Seasons:

Offseason training and the recruitment of new players and volunteers is what the Fall Ball and the Training and Development (TAD) seasons are all about. The structures of Fall Ball and TAD activities also provide an opportunity for children and parents to become familiar with the Little League® program, and the local leagues in your district. Please, encourage your leagues to see this time of year as an open invitation to first-time players and parents. By generating interest now, there is a greater potential for increased participation numbers for next season.

For volunteers who were not part of a league during the regular season and wish to volunteer during the Fall Ball and Training/Development seasons, background checks must be done prior to assuming said responsibilities with the league. Completed background checks are to be secured “under lock and key,” and for additional security the social security number may be “blacked out.” Criminal and Sex Offender Registry Search Tools are available to local Little Leagues from First Advantage. Note: As a reminder, First Advantage will reset your 125 free criminal background checks on Nov. 1 of each year.

D.A. Staff Strategy: Please follow-up with all leagues to confirm that each has updated its league officers after the conclusion of the annual Board of Directors election. The action required is for updates to be made through the Little League Data Center as soon as elections are completed.

Potential New Little Leagues

Potential New Leagues:

District Administrators (D.A.s) and assistants (A.D.A.s) receiving inquiries from potential new leagues are asked to contact Dan Velte, Director of League Development, at: 570-326-1921, ext. 2223; e-mail: dvelte@LittleLeague.org; Sam Ranck, League Development Manager and Director of the Challenger Division, at: 570-326-1921, ext. 2254; e-mail sranck@LittleLeague.org; or April Meehleder, League Development Manager, at 570-326-1921, ext. 2328; e-mail ameehleder@LittleLeague.org. When receiving inquiries, the League Finder is also a value tool to use when assessing areas being served by leagues in your district.

D.A. Staff Action: When receiving an inquiry or a possible lead, contact Little League® International right away. Also, when Little League International receives and inquiry, they will forward to the Regional Office, which in turn will ask you to reach out the contact person on the inquiry. The sooner this initial contact is made, the larger possibility of having that league charter with Little League.

This District Staff Bulletin is sent monthly to District Administrators and Assistant District Administrators via e-mail.


D.A. Bulletin Newsletter

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