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Review of League Boundary Maps:

District Administrators are strongly encouraged to review the league boundary maps as soon as possible. Leagues in your district, with maps that have not been reviewed or have boundary overlaps, will be placed on tournament hold until all issues are resolved.

D.A. Action: You must log onto the League Finder and review all maps listed, inaccuracies of maps, overlaps within district and with neighboring districts.

D.A. Action: Make notes in the League Finder system. This is the only way for the League Finder staff to make any corrections to the reflected maps. Your notes should be descriptive enough to guide a person through the adjustments.

D.A. Action: After you make all of your notes and confirm that maps for all of your leagues appear in the system, click on the “Complete District Review” button to finish your portion of the process. Note that if there is at least one map missing it will not allow you to click on the button and therefore you must contact your regional office to get this resolved immediately.

Player Registration

Player Registration Data Requirement:

Even though the deadline for uploading player registration information has passed, continue to encourage your leagues to submit regular-season player registration/roster information and coach/manager data through the Little League® Data Center, in order to satisfy Regulation IV (g). Remember, by receiving this information earlier in the year, Little League has the ability to better connect with volunteers and Little League families. This critical information also allows us to distribute timely information and announcements to all local league officials and parents during the current season of play.

D.A. Action: Send an email to your leagues reminding them it is not necessary for their respective registration period to be finalized in order for the player data to be uploaded. Communication is an ongoing activity throughout the year, and the Player Agent or Information Officer should upload the partial information available at the time.

D.A. Strategy: Request that leagues send an excel spreadsheet to your District Information Officer (you should have an Information Officer) in order for the data to be centrally collected and uploaded to the Data Center by a district staff member.

D.A. Strategy: Develop incentives or rewards for completing this process in terms of percentage of their estimated player population. For example, whoever reaches an 80 percent upload of last year’s registered population by a specific deadline may host the most important Special Games event of the season.

Little League State Laws

ASAP Requirements Reminder:

In 2015, 86 percent of all local Little League® programs participated in ASAP. To expand educational opportunities for your leagues and avoid serious liability due to their noncompliance, Little League offers these reminders:

• At least one regular-season coach from each team must annually attend fundamental coaching and first-aid training. Also each manager or coach must attend a coaching and first-aid training every three years to be eligible to manage or coach.

• Little League regulations require that all managers, coaches and practice coaches complete an annual volunteer application. The League President is responsible for annually nominating managers and coaches who are then approved by the Board. If an individual is placed in a position to assist at practice without having been subject to these requirements, then the league is exposed to a serious liability situation. These same expectations include any other volunteers who may have regular service or repetitive access and/or contact with the team.

• League officials, managers, coach and umpires are strongly encouraged to review the concussion laws in their state on the Little League website and also review the Center for Disease Control (CDC) information and take the concussion training on the CDC site. The same groups of volunteers also should review the child abuse information on the Little League website to familiarize themselves.

Little League® Year in Review:

The 2014-15 Little League® Year in Review is available for District Staff members to view online. This information will NOT be distributed to District Administrators in hard copy form. Included in the Year in Review are descriptions of the organization’s activities on and off the field, including a report on the financial activity, accounting and status from the past year.

D.A. Strategy: Replicate this method and publish your district yearly report online to which your leagues should have access. This is a clear indication of transparency on district affairs.

2016 Little League® International Tournament Enrollment:

All Leagues choosing to participate in the 2016 Little League® International Tournament MUST enroll online via the Little League® Data Center. Leagues which need assistance or an access code for the Data Center are asked to e-mail: District Administrators and staff are strongly encouraged to remind leagues about the enrollment process. Enrollment will open in mid-April.

D.A. Strategy: Remember that if a league has not submitted their map to be uploaded to the League Finder system, and if the district has not completed the corresponding review process, the leagues in that district will be placed on “Tournament Hold,” which will prevent the leagues in that district from enrolling in the International Tournament.

Little League Rulebooks

Little League® eRulebooks:

Little League Official Rulebooks are available in eBook format. Individual eBooks for Little League Baseball®, Little League Softball®, and Little League Challenger Division® are currently available on iTunes. All of the rulebooks are also available on the following platforms: Amazon and Barnes and Noble. The new eBook format features each program’s complete rules, along with search functionality and a new lower price of $4.99 per book. The direct links to these rulebooks are available on

D.A. Action: Make this an agenda item in your next monthly district meeting. Explain to your leagues that that the new format is “eBook,” and that the smartphone or tablet application is no longer available. Provide the links to the different online stores where the eBooks can be purchased.

Little League® Store Custom Banner Portal:

The new and improved banner ordering website will launch in mid- to late April on Little League has extended the FREE shipping promotion on all banner orders placed during the month of April. Use Promo Code: BANNERSHIP16

Eligibility Waiver Deadline:

Even though the regular season has begun in many areas, be aware that all waiver requests involving player eligibility must be processed by the district and respective regional offices, and acted upon by the Little League® International Charter Committee in South Williamsport, no later than June 1, 2016 and prior to said player participating in the local Little League program.

D.A. Strategy: Many advantages come from submitting requests in a timely manner. This ensures a better experience for parents and players, provides adequate time for review, and helps to in avoiding a variety of issues at tournament time.

D.A. Strategy: The same goes for Interleague Play and Combined Teams for Regular Season (emphasis on regular season). If you have the need, you must submit Single Tournament Team Combination (STTC) requests after the registration period has concluded. This is the time when it is clear how many players and regular season teams are available. Never at the end of the season.

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D.A. Bulletin Newsletter

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